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Read-only notes, i.e. lock notes from accidental editing

Vojkan Cvijanovic


What has to happen that we get this simple features that was first requested 10+ years ago?

Basically, just add an option to lock editing for the note is marked as read-only.

I store my offers, reports and diary entries in Evernote. For offers I send them to customers, so it's important to me that last edit date isn't changed when I open the note later on and copy some part of it, but accidentally change some text.

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If a feature is added is not depending on how long ago it was first requested, nor the number of votes it collected in a request thread.

It depends on EN management to decide it will be added. I understand there is a balance between features and performance / usability / ability to keep the code base maintained. The old clients were an example where the code base complexity in the end killed the concept.

You can send a request directly to EN PM through the feedback function build into the clients.

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I'd love to have this as well.  I have recipes which are essentially pictures of recipe cards from family and friends.  When viewing them in Evernote (on a phone), it is easy to accidentally click on the picture, which puts it into edit mode.  And then some random screen touch ends up deleting the picture.  I managed to find the restore feature (on my laptop) and restored the note and then deleted the edited one.  What a pain.

This would be prevented by making the note NOT editable.  


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On 12/27/2021 at 5:53 AM, PinkElephant said:

You can activate edit protection in the mobile apps settings, notes. You then need a double tap to start editing on the phone.

I am researching this. Is this possible to lock notes on the iPhone or Android? And then if locked can they be read?

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36 minutes ago, bhirvela said:

And then if locked can they be read?

Yes they can be read.  Instead of a single tap to enter edit mode this setting changes it to a double tap making it a little harder to accidentally edit a note.

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