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  1. Note's header area height increased, but now there are no more room for Note's Title and checkbox? I have a feeling that this is some psychological experiment where they test how many people fight for what is logical. Please add checkmark back to the toolbox and put title before Notebook name like on the attached image. Also, add the tags below the note's title.
  2. It's not quite the same in Windows, but I found it. This is only new feature in v10 I actually need/like, but still I would like to see other views as well. Please don't delete/move the topic.
  3. Please add this feature in v10. It is about time.
  4. Ability to choose note height or density how they now call it in Gmail Ideally, we could set this globally, but also override for particular notebooks, e.g. where one has images it is useful to use comfortable view, and where we have only title, there is no need to show all that extra space. Please check attachments for idea and vote if you support.
  5. Notes don't work without internet connection (person that thought this is a good idea should just go hide somewhere and never work in this field again) No shortcuts/Bookmarks bar Size of note in the notes columns increased so now I can't see more than 7 of them Check-marks are now X? I want check-mark back!!! Slow change between notes (due to the fact that they are pulled from the server) No Checkbox in text editor ... This is just from 10 min of usage. All that bad stuff and no features we really need like: Ready-only notes Compact view
  6. Any updates on this? I really need to have read-only option for Evernote notes.
  7. One of the primary reasons I use Evernote is to write down list of tasks that needs to be done. If I want to track time per each activity then I would need to copy these tasks to another app like Clockify or Toggl. It would be great that I can add a very simple time tracker on the end of the line in Evernote note that has only value counter and Start/Stop button, e.g. https://cl.ly/02ef8881cf48. This way I wouldn't need to use external App. Another way to do this is to integrate Evernote with Clockify the way it is done between Todoist and Clockify.
  8. +1 for Grammarly integration, mostly for Windows App. I use both Evernote premium and Grammarly premium and would just love to have the option to use Grammarly inside of Evernote.
  9. I too experience this issue with 2 blank lines being occupied above the table in Evernote for Windows. This is very annoying. It looks better in browsers, but in my humble opinion as a usability consultant I would say that it is still too much of space wasted. Here is the link how it looks in the browser: https://cl.ly/4a0c3b275634 and bellow is attached image where you can see how it looks in the Windows app. Can you please enable us to change this spacing or just decrease it for everyone?
  10. Can we please have the option to choose the font for windows desktop application? Currently, we can choose fonts for notes, but note titles use a different font and when I mix standard latin characters with extended Latin characters (e.g. Š, Ć, Ć, Š, Đ, Ž) it just looks very inconsistent and ugly. You can check image in attachment to see what I am talking about. My suggestions for the font for note titles are: Tahoma, Ubuntu, Calibri, Arial or Verdana.
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