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  1. I have used Siri Shortcuts to open notes on my iPhone. Siri would previously just open the note, but recently I have been getting this intermediary window. Does anyone know why this occurs? How to bypass it to go straight to the note? Thank you, Brian Hirvela
  2. I get a red circle with a line on the arrows. Am i missing something? Can I vote on the idea that I submit?
  3. Is it possible to get this option in place? On iPhone as well as Android, PC and Mac? Are there any plans to put this in place?
  4. Has there been any word on whether this will become a reality? Home and End do work in the Windows version, but I sorely need it for the IOS and Android.
  5. I was using Evernote and I noticed something a little off. When I do a word search through individual notes I get a notice of how many "Matches" of that word exists in the notes. But when I do a word search a term in General Search (Universal) I do not get the number of "Matches". I would like to see how many "Matches" i get when doing a General Search, just like an individual search, Is there a feature to turn this on for a General Search?
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