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new user bulk assign edit and invite access instead of for each space



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Hi again - not many of us use the Teams product`,  and I'm unsure of the relative merits of Notebooks vs Spaces.  I thought that within one group of users it wasn't so much a question of an Admin assigning access,  but of individual members signing up if an when they had the need,  I believe there's a dedicated support team (excuse the non-pun) here - CustomerSuccess@evernote.com you might try both them and the usual suspects at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new 

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It is a good idea to access EN about it.

AFAIK the logic is:

  1. An admin creates the spaces, defining which notebooks lay in which space
  2. The admin (management) defines which users have access to which space
  3. Users are then assigned to spaces by the admin. This is a „per user“ assignment, I am not aware something like profiles would exist.

I think assigning users is not happening all of the time. So probably a note in EN could provide the necessary information. If it is too laborious, I would check if my information policy is too restrictive - „space“ suggests there should be some room for information, more a lounge than a prison cell.


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