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  1. This isnt really a solid solution but what i did after much deliberation was set up a complete new user business account (paid for a new user) and share everything over, make myself admin and share edit/invite access after identifying that it worked on another work colleagues account. Its most likely a very rare issue so i thought to save everyone the trouble (both myself and technical staff) I would bite the bullet and do it. I think it might solve an ongoing issue i have had with my account and syncing also, so probably worked out for the best
  2. Done that, you must not have read an earlier post but thanks for the confirmation I tried a heap of things
  3. yer they have got back to me this morning, thank you ver much for your assistance and advice pink elephant We will work together to get this resolved
  4. i use evernote teams, the limit is 10 000 notebooks shared https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-Evernote-system-limits
  5. Hi All, Can I do a bulk assign edit and invite access for a new user account rather then for each space
  6. its when i try to create a new notebook then i get sync errors Initially thought it was just a stack but when ever i try to create a new one only any of the 3 platforms this topic is about i get errors or sync issues it works on another account though so it might just be my account
  7. see works fine between both evernote webclient and V10 on the other account #.1 Test = performed on V10 #.2 Test = performed on webclient
  8. Ok so after trying out the other business user account on the Web client it was also successful in creating a notebook, I sign out and back into my account thinking it could resync everything and it still isnt working so we have at least narrowed it down to my account somewhere
  9. I have another business user account i share with a friend I was able to create a Notebook on his account on V10, so maybe there is an error across my main account evernotes end
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