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imported emails: HTML frame tooo narrow

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Hi, after the recent update to 10.17 many notes are poorly formatted - those notes, forwarded via email to my Evernote account.

There is a HTML block much to narrow - on iPad as well as on iPhone (esp. on iPad in landscape mode a huge problem).

See attached snapshot - I‘ll raise a support ticket…



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Yes, same with me. If a mail contains heavy formatting with HTML code, it shows in a narrow layout, cutting away large parts of the mails width.

Then I tried to simplify the code by using the magic wand. It stayed very narrow (maybe even more so), and was converted into a table. Of that table, only the middle column of three contained the mails content - the left and the right column were empty.

Looks as if something broke the HTML interpretation on emails.

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Not sure if this helps, but, I have tended to find that since forever

If you drag the right edge to the width you like, the content reformats and stays that width always

I tend to check, see if the content is too 'slim' widen it to my expected width and then it's always right

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On 9/23/2021 at 8:54 AM, danio72 said:

If you drag the right edge to the width you like, the content reformats and stays that width always

That may be possible with the desktop app, or a table cell. However, since Evernote ENML formatting and encoding changed, all HTML content is now placed within a block labeled as such. I’ve not been able to resize HTML blocks; never been necessary, as development made it fit within the note width (which is not adjustable on mobile devices in my experience).

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The code writers should not need any more submitted examples, or more support requests at Evernote. They are just pretending to be surprised and naive about it. The narrow HTML framing is simply unacceptable, the magic wand renders it into a coded mess, and if they don’t recognise this issue and fix it Immediately they are going to find a sharp decline in sales and users, including me. Has Evernote had its time in the Sun?

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