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How to use evernote for work and personal?

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I've been messing with Nimbus and one great feature is that it allows you to have entirely separate workspaces in the paid account.   I have an evernote personal account and would like to use EN for work, but I absolutely don't want to mix my notes and tags.   Short of buying evernote teams, which I am not going to do - I don't think that there is a way to have two workspaces.   It's kind of a shame.

I wonder if a dumb work around is to create a separate evernote account (free one) for work.   I then wonder, what happens to the clipper - will it select for the correct account.

Let me know if this is a pointless quest, and I might stick with Nimbus....

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For the notes it is sort of simple, by using 2 separate stacks.

Not so for tags, the trash and other shared resources. There creating a second account does the trick.

The clipper clips to wherever it is instructed to clip. But to one account only at a time. To avoid permanent logouts, you could use a second browser, install another WebClipper there and link it to a second account.

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I use accounts in google chrome so second clipper might work.   I wish EN offered this as an option.   Sigh.   

As a side, I've been using Nimbus and it's pretty good.  But, and this is gonna sound crazy, although EN has changed a lot,  I trust them more for the long run.  Just not sure what the long term nimbus plan is.   

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Yeah - generally the trick to avoid sharing personal stuff on a work PC is to have a personal paid account and a work 'free' account with one or more notebooks shared between the two.  Log into whichever account is appropriate for where you are.  Clipper will automatically save to the logged account.  See something at work that you need for home?  Clip to your shared notebook.  Need some home stuff to check out at work?  Add it to your shared notebook while at home so you can look at it at work.

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