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Feature Request: Support for Fastmail Calendar Events



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Not a terrible idea but it will be some time coming. After Google we're promised Outlook and probably Apple. Perhaps, after that we might see Caldav/Carddav integration but it will be a year or two of it ever comes.

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Thank you for the Reply Agsteele. Much appreciate to hear something from someone in the inside. Of course Fastmail will will a niche demand, compared to Outlook and Apple, but I do hope that in the future this could be taken into serious consideration. Thank you!

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This is the reason I cannot justify paying for Evernote. This is a huge disappointment because everything I do for work and school goes through Outlook. Also, the Professional membership offers multiple calendars as one of its features, when in actuality, the only available calendar integration is Google. 

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If you don’t need any of the subscribers features, you are not forced to subscribe. Nobody puts a gun to your head, I suppose.

No need to fill the forum pages with „Hey, I am happy with Free“ postings. I think EN staff (who does not seem to actively participate here a lot) is quite happy if you are happy with what you have. They will not start to work extra shifts just to win you over as a subscriber.

Or do I misunderstand your post ?

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