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Downgrading Implications

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Hi. Downgrading does not change your access to existing notes.  Your account will be limited on access to features and have much reduced size and upload limits.  You'll be able to view existing notes,  but not edit or update large ones.  You will be able to download attachments and note content and use an external editor.

Evernote system limits 

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Hi Gazumped,
I read your previous post and would like to downgrade to the free version. I have 12000 notes. Could you confirm that I will be able to access to all of them and print if needed?
Thank you  

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We are users and can give you an opinion, and share experiences. That’s it.

To get a „confirmation“ contact support while you can.

There will be implications - like you won’t be able to modify any note larger than 25MB. And even below 25MB, you will run out of steam soon. The total upload limit is 60MB, and any changed note will count against it, when changes save.

But with these restrictions in mind, you will be able to keep and access all of your notes.

Disclaimer: EN can change the Free model at any time - what was true today may be outdated tomorrow. Since there are no fixed subscription periods, changes on the Free model can happen with a short lead time only.

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8 hours ago, Phil2656 said:

I cannot backup Evernote and this is a problem for me.

It's fairly easy to backup Evernote from a desktop - just go to the Notebooks page,  click the three dots to the right of  a notebook name and choose an export option.  Do that for each notebook and save the resulting files.  If you're a subscriber you also have the fact that there's an original copy of all your notes on the server,  which is backed up periodically - meaning that if you need to see a previous version of an existing note,  the Note History feature will provide that for you.

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No, you can only export note by note on web and mobile.

It is up to you how to handle this situation. If you know somebody who may lend you his PC or Mac, you could use it to temporarily set up a client there, and run the export. Or you rely on a) having access through the Free account forever and b) nobody will change the rules.

As told, rules on the Free account may change with only short notice. Free users are not customers, they are not protected by a commercial contract about receiving a defined set of services for a defined period of time, paying a compensation for the use. Free users benefit from an offer that has the main purpose of attracting new customers. This offer can be reversed any time - in fact I am surprised this has not yet happened, seeing the raises of the subscription fees.

In the EU we have the right to get at our data in such a situation. But the company can ask for being compensated for the cost. Probably easier to re-subscribe, and run a download then.

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