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I'm an Android user. When I started using the Evernote about 3 years ago I gave a very good review in Google Play with a star rating of 4 out of 5. However, the other day I had to update my review to represent the current state of affairs with the new Android app. I reduced the stars to 2 and updated my written review as to why. Namely, it's slow. Painfully so. I'm running the app on a Huawei P20 Pro so hardly a low spec device. At the least it was able to smoothly run the older app.

I'm not the only one. If anyone at Evernote looks at the Google Play store reviews they'll see that there's widespread dissatisfaction with the performance of the updated app. Most of us don't really care about getting new features when it takes up to 6-7 secs to open a note that only has text in it. In the old app it didn't take near this long. This is clearly unacceptable especially when it was promised the new app would be better.

Is there a timeline as to when these general performance issues will be resolved?

I do want to add that I also use the Mac app and it's running great. There have been some minor issues but overall I'm happy with how it is performing. But the Android app is a key component in my work and everyday flow so it'd be good if these performances issues can be resolved.

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Folks, EN10 is running extremely slow because of the new framework they decided to use to reduce coding in future.

They explained they needed this to evolve. Well that's what we got in return...slow app, no background sync and so on...

EN8.13.3 is a native app, as OneNote for Android is. Both run lightning fast as a note taking app should be. Make your conclusions if this is crucial for your work.

After 9 months of Evernote 10 for Android there is no excuse anymore - it is no new product anymore. But it is the only official version for Android 10+. I am really sorry for what Evernote turned into on Android. 😞

Edit: All affected users, you could vote for performance increase here


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