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Please add a way to control display zoom default



Ever since the Evernote for Android upgrade, now the font of my notes when displayed on my phone is too small for me to read without fumbling for glasses (and which I often don't have with me if I'm on the go and relying on mobile). You can pinch to zoom, but then it doesn't re-paginate, so lines just run off the side of the screen, which also is not helpful. We really need a preference for mobile only that is a zoom factor for the font size.

I don't recall this being the case before. The old app has some kind of zoom default control, did it not?



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On 7/7/2021 at 5:43 PM, Brad Miller said:

You are correct.  The older Android app has an option to "Scale note body size:".

Yes, I miss this feature a lot! I really need this! I use a Galaxy Z Fold 5 because I need the bigger screen as my eyes get older. It is a shame I cannot use that screen real estate to zoom in on my notes for better readability. 

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