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  1. I just got an auto-update of my Evernote Web Clipper to version 6.1 this morning. Checked http://addons.mozilla.org and see that v6.1 has a release date of Released November 23, 2015.
  2. Search Filter Help for the Beta I'd like the drop down Search Filter selections back that made it easy to create advanced searches...such as..."created:Since today"...
  3. Look under "Account Settings" -- fourth item down is a toggle to switch back and forth between the old Web interface and the new beta
  4. I'd like a speed search box to quickly find tags - and check boxes to select them - such that you can quickly find and select two or more tags from a long list (100 or so) tags.
  5. Same problem here. For last 3 weeks I've not been able to access Evernote via web interface at intermettent times. Sometimes I can access Evernote via web interface just fine. Other times it takes 5+ minutes to draw the page. And yet other times I cannot get logged in at all. As suggested I will file a trouble ticket.
  6. I'm using "Evernote for Windows" which is the desktop client. The change to the narrow scroll bars has made them very difficult to use. I really wish Evernote for Windows would return to using standard width scroll bars.
  7. Recent versions of Evernote for Windows have implimented narrow scroll bars within the notes. I HATE the super narrow scroll bars! It makes it very hard to work with a note. I know Google implimented this in Chrome and suddenly it appears folks think narrow scroll bars are a good idea. Well, it's not. I hate it, and I bet if you did a real user survey you would find the majority of your customers find your product more difficult to use with the very narrow scroll bar in Evernote for Windows. Just my $0.02...
  8. This works. But PLEASE fix this plugin. BTW, Evernote is accumulating negative reviews at addons.firefox.com because this is broken. -------------------- by ilya_piankov To anyone who has this bug, there is a simple solution I found out!!!!! If you click the TAB button "7" times (NOT LESS), the window shows up correctly without the transparency, and you can work with it without any problem. Enjoy!!! =]
  9. As a long time Premium user of Evernote on Windows 7, I was appalled when I tried this app on Windows 8.1 (MS Surface Pro). It took over 8 hours to sync my 4,400 notes (~1GB) - which is 7:45 hrs longer than it takes on Windows 7. During the initial sync, Evernote Touch was too unresponsive to use (over 1 min lag between issuing a touch command and it responds). After sync...I find the functionality is very low compared to the Windows 7 client, and it's painfully slow. I'd come to count on Evernote as one of my trusted tools under Windows 7. I'm trying to decide if I'll have to abandon Evernote for something else now that I'm in Windows 8.1. Sure wish the Evernote Touch app for Windows 8 worked better.
  10. I've had this problem for 6 months or so...in several different versions of Firefox...going back as far as 3.0...and as recent as FF3.6B2pre on Win Vista and Win 7. There's never been any indication these configurations had any effect on the problem...it occurs randomly on all configurations...I only mention those details for completeness. In fact, now that I think about it, this happens to me at work, too, using IE 7 on Win XP and a pretty locked down corporate environment (have to use the web interface from work, no install allowed). I hadn't written about the problem before, not because it wasn't annoying (it is!), but because I was trying to find a pattern to report...but finally I decided there wasn't a pattern I could discern...suggesting it's something not readily visible to me (network traffic? load on Evernote servers? who knows!). I'm not sure, but it does seem that when this happens, if I wait a long time after getting the Evernote web clipper pop up (like 1-2 minutes...I mean a *long* time!)...that the autocomplete will then work. So, once again, I'm not at all sure of this, but it could be network or server related. BTW, I do hope you guys do your testing over a conventional ISP connection, with cable modems and wireless routers in the loop to simulate actual end user conditions. You do that, don't you? It would be a shame if you tested via hard wire connection direct to the Evernote servers...you'll never see some of the problems that plague end users that way. -- dg
  11. I use the webclipper bookmark a lot in FireFox v3.5.3 on several computers...it's very handy. But I consistently get inconsistent behavior in the tag autocomplete feature. That is, sometimes the autocomplete works and sometimes it doesn't. It's been doing this for a long time and I've not been able to discern any pattern to when the autocomplete feature will work and when it doesn't. When autocomplete doesn't work, it behaves as if my tag list is empty. I can still type in tags manually, but the autocomplete pop-up thing never happens...so I have to remember the spelling of each tag specifically. I can still use the Webclipper when the autocomplete doesn't work, it's just not as convenient. Do others have this problem, too? Since I get this behavior across multiple computers, I'm assuming others see the same thing. -- dgg
  12. Thank you! It would also be nice to be able to change the time/date stamp via the web interface. Currently I don't see a way to do that except via the desktop client.
  13. I'm using the latest Evernote desktop and WinMo version (WM ver 3.3 (48164))....but if I create a text note on my Windows Mobile Phone (AT&T Fuze)...and later look at that note in Evernote Desktop...I see this message.... ...in the date column. If I look at the note via the web interface, I see a date/time of 12/31/69 6:00PM What's up with that? Further, while I can adjust the date/time attributes for the note in the Evernote Desktop -- I cannot see a way to correct the note time/date attribute via the web interface. Help!
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