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Add day of the week to iOS date selector…or use iOS default date selector



It would be great if we could see the day of the week when picking a due date.


Or just use the iOS default date selector which includes day of the week and an actual calendar to look at. Much easier to choose a due date for a task from a calendar. 


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+1000 on this… I made this suggestion shortly after the v10 update, since the same date selector wheel is used for reminders, and this remains one of my main complaints with v10 on iOS. 

The iPad would be ideal for my weekly review and rescheduling tasks/reminders… but the date selector scroll wheel is unusable more than a few days in the future. Often I want to set something  a few weeks out on a specific day, but this system requires I leave Evernote to figure out what date third Tuesday of next month will be. 

Hopefully they add a calendar date selector, or at least show the day of week on that terrible scroll wheel!

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