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Offline notes still has problems, images don't show up

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My offline notes, the images do not show up in the notes when I view a note offline. 

The only way it seems for a note to be fully populated is if you first view it online, then that note offline seems to have cached the data, but if you don't view a note online prior to viewing it offline data is missing.

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Hi, I tried to reproduce this on my 10.9 installation and can fully confirm the bug, which renders offline mode useless for (paying!) Android users. Technically it could correspond to the ongoing image rendering bug which has not been resolved since 10.0 but is under investigation by support as Shane D. wrote.

I would suggest raising a ticket on it.

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Just a little update: Technical support confirmed, that this relates to image rendering bug we see since release of 10.0 in december. They don't have a solution for it, neither a date when this could be solved. Support officially offered me sideloading the 8.13.3 APK and provided a link to it. So I am guessing we will sit and wait for a long time to see this working properly...

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Whether it will take a long time nobody knows.

Just took your post as a lead and tried it in the iOS mobile client, notes fully downloaded for offline use. All attachments are there, pictures, pdfs, others. No problems on this client.

So they already solved this problem once. I can’t remember issues since the offline download was fixed, back with EN iOS 10.4

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