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Can't open Excel, Powerpoint, or Word files, says Directory can't be found

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I frequently use Evernote to make updates to Excel spreadsheet or Powerpoint files across multiple computers.  I loved being able to open and save them from different locations without bothering with Microsoft 360.  I can't get Word, Powerpoint, or Excel files to open.

The files will not open on any of my three computers.  I get an error that given software Word or whatever can't open "C:/etc/filename.ppt"  I've had to download the file and put it back in.  It does this with old files, it does it with new.  The work computer I'm on at the moment has Windows 10 pro 20H2.  I know one of my home computers is pro, and the other is not.  I'm not at home to check which versions of windows 10 I have there.

I've tried old files, I've uploaded new and tried those.  

The version of Evernote on my windows 10 computer is 10.10.5.

It started happening within the last couple of weeks.


evernote error powerpoint.JPG

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So far the only solution I've found is to download the file.   Edit and save, then put it back in.  This is not ideal, as I'm worried I'll forget to upload it one time or another.  Just being able to save and have it update was what I liked about Evernote.

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Plus one for this exact problem - only just upgraded from legacy version.  Would love to hear a solution.  As with the OP the ability to open files on any of my devices and edit and save there was a key part of why I use Evernote.

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We're looking into this now. Thanks for these reports.  This issue appears to impact the installation from the app store only, but not for all customers. 

Please try uninstalling the app from the app store and reinstalling Evernote from https://evernote.com/download/. Please let us know if the issue continues after installing the direct download version of the app. 

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