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  1. I un-installed my Evernote apps, and reinstalled with the download provided by Austin G. The XLS and PPT are working on two of my computers. I expect the third should work as well.
  2. So far the only solution I've found is to download the file. Edit and save, then put it back in. This is not ideal, as I'm worried I'll forget to upload it one time or another. Just being able to save and have it update was what I liked about Evernote.
  3. I frequently use Evernote to make updates to Excel spreadsheet or Powerpoint files across multiple computers. I loved being able to open and save them from different locations without bothering with Microsoft 360. I can't get Word, Powerpoint, or Excel files to open. The files will not open on any of my three computers. I get an error that given software Word or whatever can't open "C:/etc/filename.ppt" I've had to download the file and put it back in. It does this with old files, it does it with new. The work computer I'm on at the moment has Windows 10 pro 20H2. I know one of my
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