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Copy multiple notes to another Notebook



We can currently select multiple notes and move them into another Notebook. I would like to also be able to have the option to copy/duplicate multiple notes into another Notebook.



  • This is possibly a very personal workflow so maybe your product teams have everything else in mind that helps solve this
  • I typically have a Notebook per "project" (this being my inspiration for what a project is) and each project always contains the same set of "default" notes
  • One of these notes I call "ℹ️ Readme" and it serves a purpose similar to a GitHub's project readme file (it introduces the project and it's objectives)
  • Every time I create a new project Notebook, I copy these notes from another Notebook called "Templates"
    • I know I can have note templates, but I'm looking for something closer to a "Notebook template"
    • I currently either copy each of these template notes one-by-one or use the mobile version of Evernote (old phone so I'm on the "old" Evernote) and use the "Duplicate" option that allows to duplicate multiple notes into another notebook.
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Hi.  Are you referring back to this topic that you added to a few months ago?  

It's possible to export a notebook to various formats including ENEX as a backup.  If you did so with a 'template' notebook,  you would be able to restore that template as many times as you required it,  and populate each restored copy with new information as necessary.

If you had another use case in mind,  please let us have a fuller explanation...

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Today, I had the same problem.

When I select multiple Notes with CTRL on Windows, I am not able to copy those selected into another folder. I have to do that one by one.

I can move all of them simultaneously (in the blue bar that pops up below), but not to "copy all selected noted to..."

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3 minutes ago, BeEfficient said:

I am not able to copy those selected into another folder. I have to do that one by one.

Export the notes in .enex format,    
then import the .enex file    
The notes will be copied to aa new folder

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