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Mind Map in Evernote

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Dear All,

First of all, I love Evernote and using it for year now - thanks for helping boosting my organization and productivity.

There is one thing that really helps me when I study for certain subjects which is MINDMAP-ing (http://www.tonybuzan.com/about/mind-mapping/). 

I do this separately on a sheet of paper and then scan it in to have it in mindmap or draw it as a graphic in one of the notes;  however, new information are often added and it evolves over time which makes a rigid scan difficult to adjust. I was wondering if you could implement a mind mapping function so mind maps could be integrated into a note and one can always add new trees or remove them etc. This would be so amazing. 


Pls let me know if that would be possible at all; would be just so helpful and so many ppl are using Mind Map to organise themselves as well as Students and children to study so would be just so helpful



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There is already a ton of mind mapping tools out there.

You can use any of it (I am using SimpleMind), and attach the files to an EN note. Personally I think EN should stick to core functions and not try to mimic everything that already exists in numerous apps.

For a visual Mindmap you could use the sketch function build into EN. Best functionality you probably get with an iPad + Apple Pencil. Editing the result is as always with these tools not as simple as in an object oriented mindmapping tool, where you can easily move and reconnect nodes.


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1 hour ago, christophjmartin@gmail.com said:

implement a mind mapping function

...what @PinkElephant said.  I use Freeplane for mind-mapping and attach JPG views to notes from time to time.  If you check out the menus on your Mapping app - they tend to be rather detailed.  Imagine adding all that to Evernote's menu structure!  

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