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Evernote app 6.8 crashes

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Don't double post.

You master data is on the EN server. So everything you has synced there is safe.

To check use the web client - go to evernote.com and sign in. Maybe you have to un-check another device, the limit is 2, and the web client counts as such.

About how to set back your Mac install I wrote you another post. If you want to have a copy of your local data, you can copy the folder in which the data is saved on the Mac. However, it may be that this data base is corrupted - then it is the reason for crashes, and will not be usable. But copy it anyhow.

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Thanks PinkElephant for your Post!
Unfortunately, I have not actively synchronized anything, so I have not initiated a backup on an Evernote account. Unfortunately, I don't know how to find the folder with the EN data on my Mac to copy it.

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My EN legacy data base on my Mac is located here:

/Users/USERNAME/Library/Group Containers/NUMBERLETTERCODE.com.evernote.Evernote/CoreNote/accounts/www.evernote.com/NUMBERCODE/content

Username, Numberlettercode and Numbercode are account specific, these you need to look up on your Mac.

Inside of Content is one folder per note. The folder contains the note information (in several files) plus the attachments.

When you keep everything locally, you are completely responsible for your data security and backup. One advantage of EN is that a master copy of your data lies on the EN server. If you keep everything local, you skip the advantage of using a cloud service.

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50 minutes ago, Maggie2 said:

EN only briefly shows the overview image and then disappears again an interaction is not possible

So, aborts with Evernote 6.8 and Evernote Legacy
My guess is that your database is corrupted and needs to be reloaded
The master version of our data is stored on the Evernote servers.  A reload could be triggered by deleting the local database

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As we can read above in the thread in this case there seems to be no copy on the server. EN was used only locally, it seems.

This is easy to check: If only the Mac is currently in the account (no phone, tablet or other computer) the second device is free.to use. So go to Evernote.com, log in with your user data, and it will take you to the web client. What you see there is what is on the server.

If it is less than on the Mac, it is important to make a local backup of your data, because otherwise it may happen that the server data is overwriting something. So it is probably important to find that data base.

My last idea is to subscribe to Premium (can be done for a single month) and try support to help. Maybe they can read something from a crash log somewhere. At least they should know in your old version where the data base is located. This can be seen in the client - but for this it needs to open and stay alive while you look.

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