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  1. EN only briefly shows the overview image and then disappears again an interaction is not possible
  2. Sorry, I do not find the 'Group Containers' 😞 ...yes, it was stupid not to use the backup function on EN-Web.
  3. Addendum: My wish to save the content from the old EN version (which I can unfortunately no longer open) on my Mac and then import it into a new installation of EN.
  4. Thanks PinkElephant for your Post! Unfortunately, I have not actively synchronized anything, so I have not initiated a backup on an Evernote account. Unfortunately, I don't know how to find the folder with the EN data on my Mac to copy it.
  5. Hi, where can I find the Evernote Database Folder (Version 6.8) on Mac but I can not start Evernote it crashes immediately. Thanks for help.
  6. Evernote app version: 6.8 crashes immediately after updat Is Evernote stored on may Mac? What can I do to save my Evernote content? Thanks for your help.
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