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How to desactivate personal account ?

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The split into a professional and a personal account for each business user is a measure to assure that data goes and stays where it belongs. This is legally binding in many countries.

Say an employee leaves the company: Then the new business account stays with all data in the company. It belongs to the company and is under admin control. The employee takes his personal account with him.

Without a split the company may be legally forced to lock up the whole account, even if it contains relevant business information.

If the information was organized in a professional way (some notebooks for business data, others for personal use), the split should be easy. If not it was and is the admins job to keep the data of the company protected, and the personal data private.

You could see the change as a chance to improve the data flow for the whole organization. If needed, get professional help by a certified EN consultant - it can be done remotely.

The personal accounts do belong to the employees - they are permanently out of reach for you as admin.

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Hello and thank you for your answer.

If you are asked tomorrow to change all document in your company go chinese, you will probably see a "chance to improve the data flow for the whole organization" . Not me. It is a problem.

My country (in africa) is not asked to do that data separation. I am forced, against my will. 

User are granted some personal evernote, and i do not want that. I am the guy who pay for that, and i am forced to something i don't want.

My user does not have any personal data in Evernote, but they are forced to create one (Their pro evernote is accessible until they fill a personnal email !!!. Isn't it  Blackmailed ?!!!)

If evernote had any respects for it users, Evernote would not do that.

As a paying user who don't accept that Blackmail, what are my options ?



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1 hour ago, evernote_lost_my_day said:

I wonder as a paying user who don't accept that Blackmail, what are my options ?

As a Business Subscriber you should get individual attention from Support.

The product you're paying for already includes both personal and business account access for employees.  Evernote presumably are reacting to legal opinion that if employees have personal information on the system and want to export it to their own account on leaving the company,  they will need an account to move it to - so they split business accounts into two so that the employee can take theirs with them when they leave. 

When you remove that employee's access to your business account when they leave,  you're no longer paying for their personal account - it's up to them to either pay for it or close it down.

So you're not being asked to pay for extra,  and there's no 'blackmail' involved.  This is how the Business account works though,  so if it doesn't suit your needs,  you will have to find another alternative...

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