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The developers need to test the app before releasing to the wild



OK there are several issues with the new version, I think they were listed earlier.. slowness, can't find notes.  Wondering when is the update coming to fix things. I already removed and reinstalled and still same. I do like the design of the new iOS app, but if this is the way the developers are going to release the apps, without proper testing, I am going to say they need to go back to school.

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10 minutes ago, itoldusoandso said:

if this is the way the developers are going to release the apps, without proper testing

Not defending the shambles this launch turned into for anyone experienced in using the app,  but to an extent I sympathise with the developers. 

Code that works perfectly in the lab under test conditions gets released into a world where literally millions of people are going to use and abuse it even more than usual.  Even within the fairly controlled iPhone market there are dozens of variations on device and connection type - and the same thing happens in Android and Windows / Mac where there are  even larger variations in device and OS. 

Plus with a product as complicated as Evernote there are bound to be features that customers rely on,  but developers hardly even realise are critical.  They have an impossible job - if something comes out that works,  "why this feature and not that one"?  If it falls over,  even slightly - "fix it fix it!!"

And there are no doubt pressures from investors and management - "Done is better than perfect.  If it doesn't crash (often),  get it released!!"

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I never had a problem until this last update. Opened a support ticket, and they tried everything to help, even going as far as having me try a beta version. My notes do not open on my iPad app, version 10.2. They open on my iPhone, which I didn’t update. After 12 days, 3 different levels of support technicians, they officially gave up today, and said that they hope my problems would be fixed with the next update. 🤨

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