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  1. Hi, Does it mean the 3rd party apps will be also affected? I use EN on iPad and Macbook client only. Don't use web. So 2 clients total. However, On my iPad I also have 3rd party apps installed that do connect to Evernote. For one of the apps I have a subscription due so I am concerned whether I should renew the subscription or not. Are the iOS 3rd party clients going to be affected? The subscription renewal is due tomorrow so I wanted to check here if anybody knows. I don't want to renew it only to find I can't use the 3rd party apps due to the device limit. Some of the apps I have: ht
  2. The box is ticked off (I tried to tick on and off again) but the descriptive links still show in the note. It's probably a bug. Am I looking in right places to disable it?
  3. I just upgraded from version 5.x to version on Windows. Surprised to see the thick margins around the PDF document. It makes the view unuseable, lost space around the PDF document and the size has shrinked. Also it looks like Evernote now uses a different rendering method for the PDFs because the font in PDF doesn't look as sharp as it used to. It is still readable but less sharp. There is about 30% of the space consumed by thick margins. Here is a picture to demonstrate the point. The margin space is marked by bubbles 1,2,3,4. It's wasteful use of space in a note when
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