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  1. Find v6 is faster than v7 when moving around. I had both for a while and v6 wins handsdown in speed. It's just interface design though, as I understand v6 and v7 is basically similar code. v6 has some bugs that v7 doesn't have but I am more than happy to live with it.
  2. I just upgraded from version 7 to version 6 for a truly Evernote experience and never been (subjectively) happier about this Evernote upgrade. Here are the champions of version 6.11. If they are here we want to thank them for all their efforts with this pinnacle of achievement at Evernote and if they are no longer among us, we wish them to live in peace in the Evernote hall of Fame. We love you all.... Version 6.11 Built with love by: Marcus Aiu, Ruben Bakker, Anuradha Balasubramanian, Steve Breen, Clint Burford, Gabe Campodonico, Benjamin Chan, Eric Cheng, Kseniia Cherniavska, Phil Constantinou, Zeesha Currimbhoy, Lester DeKay, Deepali Dixit, Justin Gareau, Philip George, Santiago Gil, Stewart Gillen, Mike Greiner, Jack Hirsch, Thomas Holloway, Dirk Holtwick, Daniel Honzik, Ievgen Sorokopud, Jason Jones, John M. P. Knox, Christian Kohlschütter, Igor Korin, Vitalii Kramar, Keith Lang, Phil Libin, Tong Liu, Joe Lopez, Zdzisław Losvik, Daniel Lu, Josh Mangum, Andrew McGeachie, David Missmann, Taido Lantz Nakajima, Daniel Nicolae, Takuya Otani, Daniel Parker, Kati Pesonen, Martin Pilkington, Chris Ploeg, Carlos Rocafort IV, Ken Ryall, Matt Sarnoff, Mike Schmiderer, Ievgen Sorokopud, Andrei Thorp, Matthew Tonkin, Melissa Tsang, Charles Vass, Jer Villanueva, Brandon Volbright, Vineet Wadhwa, Mel Walker, Adam Walz, Isaac Wankerl, Josef W. Wankerl, Alec Winograd, Alex Young, and Ziru Zhu.
  3. If Evernote was a new app and they just dropped in store, everyone would be accepting the challenges by thinking ..well they are new, so let's give them some time and everybody (user-turned-custodians and good-wishing promoter) would be talking in friendly manner to one another. Interesting how perspective can change things. Today I was going to take a picture with the iOS app. The pictures are blurry. The in-app Evernote camera app doesn't use focus. I had to first take picture with the Camera app and then attach the image. Simple things like these do not work. They are adding features like Tasklist that people (who have perhaps long time ago left Evernote) were asking in the past. I do admit task management is very useful. But with such a think focus, I am just hopeful things go to normal within the next year or so. I don't give Evernote more than 2 years of the life with current state of things.
  4. I totally support your requirements, however, for most of us locked in the older versions the requirements you listed would be well and beyond our concerns, when the biggest issue is simply not being able to efficiently save and search notes and nothing but text notes with attachments, so pure basic stuff. I have been with Evernote since 2008, longer than many "dinosaurs" here and this is the furthest that Evernote drifted from it's mantra ... being a quick note taking + reference tool. And because of how Evernote has gone into so many different things (sorry to say, but including scriptability) is what perhaps may have also conbtributed somewhat to the demise of Evernote because they lost focus and were running too thin to be able to support users. Since you are looking just for one platform, you may have more choices with modular appliance at home or in the cloud. One solution I am watching is https://scrapbox.io/product. (Does scripting). The moment they release client apps, they could be a serious candidate. The product looks good, so even if they release a hybrid web-apps for different platforms (like Airtable) that run well enough I would be delighted. I updated my iOS version of Evernote yesterday. It stinks.... The previous version worked acceptably (well or bad, depends on the perspective) but I was able to do things. The update from yesterday doesn't open any notebook over 10 mb size. The message just says "Note Unavailable" ... This was an issue a couple of months ago, they fixed it.. Now it's back again. I bet they swapped source code and the previous updates didn't make it in this version. If I was able to install old version of Evernote I wouldn't be even here on this forum and would have just installed old version and all good. Since Apple policy doesn't allow going back, Evernote could release old version of Evernote for iOS users, for the time being, call it Evernote Classic. Yes, I am not expecting any support, just make it run on current iOS version, that's it. I guarantee you, if there was Evernote Classic, it would have 4-5 stars rating on the App store. Hands down...
  5. There are plenty of choices beyond the handful mentioned here but without import from Evernote. However, the biggest issue with all of them is cross-platform capability. I hope Evernote is not going the way Airtable where all notes are web-only with no notes stored locally.
  6. Listened the users? OK. The first time I hear that one. And who are these users? I never got an invite to express an opinion. These users who wanted dashboard did so because they wanted Evenote to look different. Why do they even bother to keep using Evernote if there's no shortage of products with the type and feel of interface similar to how the new dashboard is setup. The only way out of the dashboard fiasco I can imagine is for Evenote look to exit the market before it looses all it old glory and sell it to the highest corporate bidder that will keep it for 2 years around before shutting it down. Like Salesforce did with Quip and have to sign up on their Salesforce platform. That's the way things are now. They don't specialize and don't diversify successfully either. They don't even bother to do the very simple way to market the product - win users trust - how .. for example by introducing privacy features like robust encryption. Don't people want privacy for information in Evenote? I have my whole life there. One of the reasons I am hesitant to even sign up for subscription is because I don't want to leave any trail behind. I constantly scan the database to see if I didn't upload in error credit card numbers or passwords and such or other personal information I would perhaps call a confidential diary. There was time I used to pay Evenore subscription with gift cards but it's costly to maintain. Anywayd, they are totally messed up and if they would listen to it users they wouldn't have come with the dashboard so pathetic and if they want to try things new , ok, do it, but do it after you fix the other mess first. And do it so that I don't get interrupted in the way I am used to do things.
  7. Makes sense. Everybody's mileage varies of course. I always buy very old macs for a few dollars as I get much more value of them per dollar spent. They otherwise work perfectly fine. And I don't play games. Legacy versions of Evernote is the way to go.
  8. My mac Pro 2010 and MacMini have both 16 GB RAM, 500mbs SSD drives in RAID0 arrangement so they are no turtles although the 2.4ghz processor is likely the bottle neck. A turtle would win over Evernote hands down for me.
  9. Remember the old days, Japanese community around Evernote was vivid, the guys know how to think efficiently. 3rd party product but it's cool how they inserting referencing links in documents. https://scrapbox.io/product. Evernote should just buy them out I would say. It may save the day for Evernote.
  10. Exaple of what would be more useful for the scratchpad: They could have made the scratchpad as part of iOS or Android Widget and then it can be kind of useful. You could quickly jot things and then there would be a button to select the notebook I want to send the note to and it would send the note to that notebook and create the title from the 1st jotted line (and maybe I could write there a date like June 1 and it would create a reminder. That's what could be a useful application of it. Otherwise, waste of space. There are already tools like the Sticky Note for Evernote app that is available for Windows only and worked flawlesly.
  11. Yes, you don't need to click that checkmark. I think they added it there for easier onboarding new users or anybody who feel worries by exiting the note and then go back to check to "make sure it was saved". To be honest, I have done this ineffective habit quite often when saving something important or for example when I was on an unreliable connection and note was a shared note so it wound't save it locally. The question is, whether the checkmark gone is a confirmation of the note saving was completed successfully or it is just a pretty button to do the same as leaving the note. It feels good if we can move beyond the drama and discuss some finer aspects of the user interface. But I can't even load many of my shared notes, despite of reinstalling the cliet app on iOS multipe times and redownloading notes. It's not just mess but it's like a mess hitting the fan. Screenshot saying note not available. I get this plenty and for no reason. I'm in no hurry to criticize the checkmark yet, I'm not even there yet
  12. Well if you look at the number of "votes" in he forum, the request like yours is nowhere to be found. What lands on the top is "Different colors for text highlight..." well I guess it kind off makes sense, seeing and hearing the "text literraly singing" in notes in multiple colour tones can potentially make people feel a little less depressed and promote introspection, lighthearted self-expression and thus may lead to potentially healthy outcomes and life satisfaction full circle. What a noble holistic goal for humanity and environmental causes and climate change too.... Ok, I am done now.
  13. No we didn't receive the invites to any of the previous Evernote's management Zoom meeting either. But thanks @GrumpyMonkey for articulating our valid concerns so eloquently and yet in a such a congenial manner to Evernote so I trully wish their team will become a bit more approacheable, less avoidant and hopefully stop shunning negative feedback and join our discussions. Just quickly to your point 1: Hopefully I understand what you meant correctly, please let me know if I misunderstood. On iOS in Settings / Notes there is switch "Edit protection" .. says protect your notes from accidential taps.. double tap in the note to edit.. If the switch is on you have two choices: Tapping on the note twice or Tapping the Edit button on the bottom. If that option is not turned on, I can edit the note on first tap (the fact it doesn't always work is probably a bug in the interface).
  14. Thank you for reminding us @PinkElephant that you are also NOT in favor of this design decissions. And I appreciate you playing devil's advocate here, so at least we don't need to feel we are ranting here alone. Encouraging expression of opinions about what's going on is what one would hope can mobilize brains and to some degree change because being quiet certainly didn't help in the past. I don't need to be brave to say whatever steps Evernote was taking in the recent past are making the prospects for folks to sign up for any of the paid plans a bit more remote now than before except maybe through coercive means. We are doing a free unpaid consulting to them and that's what's called in my industry so I don't think at this time I am free-dining at the expense of the house (Evernote). Many of us like Evernote and if we didn't like the product we wouldnt' be here and it's unfortunate that I don't remember seeing even a slightest recognition or appreciation coming towards any of the suggestions or ideas even towards the giants of Evernote discussion board (like yourself @PinkElephant) coming from the Evernote team. Thank you again for helping to channel the comments and suggestions to Evernote and let's hope for the best.
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