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  1. I measured how long it takes to open notes with larger sizes. Average load times of notes on iOS app: 11Mb note = 30 seconds, 22 Mb note = 80 seconds ... And of course, if the notebook is shared, you get the benefit of repeat, meaning every time you touch the note (return to see the note) it will again take same amount of time to load. I really hope a miracle is going to happen and the loading times get better. My network speed is 90mbs down, 17 mbs up, so it is unlikely the issue. iOS 14.4,
  2. Thanks for feedback. Yes so glad to see the blank notes issue that was one of things I reported was resolved and it was announced by Shane D.
  3. I don't see how to add a shortcut on home screen to a specific note. It used to be I was able to create a shortcut either using the app or 3rd party app or was it Apple Shortcuts (I don't remember) but since recently (I guess since Electron release), my shortcuts to notes stopped working. The shortcut now opens Evernote but interface with the list of notes, but the actual note is no longer loading. Does anybody use shortcuts on home screen? How to add? I don't want to go through the browser first to open the shortcut. It used to work with an internal link that opens the Evernote no
  4. I wasn't rude at all, what I did is take screenshots of all the issues I had with regard to Evernote not loading notes or other errors, including a message telling me to "try again later". Maybe somebody didn't like the fact I made EN look bad just by reporting on things that do not work. I didn't keep a copy of the screenshots. Since last week it has been stable but when the issues come it's when one is in hurry most. What I noticed also another issue I didn't report is before the last version is notes in shared notebooks didn't load sometimes. The issue with very slow loading notes ev
  5. If you don't mind Google and if you are staying in Evernote and online most of the time, you may want to consider a chromebook. That would have been my nr. 1 choice today if I was going to shop. I have all platforms at home and I bought Google Chromebook for my parents, and boy, I was hooked on that machine right away. Evernote now trying to build the apps on the common code with the web so while apps suck when they run in legacy environments, it performs well on Android and Browser environment - go figure. If you source Chromebook, I would strongly recommend going with 16 gb ram at mini
  6. Android version has been the least problematic over the years. Second was Windows (unless it crashes of course). iOS used to be fine but now it's a total disaster, unusable on iPad 2016. MacOS used to be great up to a few years ago and now it's a total disaster (10.12 and 10.13). It's runs better on 10.14 but that's not the point.
  7. I posted report about issues with iOS with screenshots and the post was deleted and I don't have access anymore, it seems it's blocked. I don't have even access to the post anymore. I tried different browsers, different accounts even from different network. A few month earlier I posted about a different incident where I was coming from Google Search and I wasn't allowed to view Evernote forum public post without first login into Evernote forum. Seems Evernote drowning under stockpile of unresolved self-inflicted problems. Here are screenshots of my own post where I talk about
  8. Not sure what prompted change for Evernote to hide the forum posts behind login wall in Google search results. Every public forum post on one of these boards and indexed in Google search and showing on Google search results takes me to page asks me to login into Evernote first before I can see the forum post. That's a strange decision. I wonder if Google is going to suppress the results at some point of time making it harder to find answers to questions typed on Google search. Even posts like these are hidden beyond login wall.. I don't see the point.
  9. Release the new and untested app as a Beta and let people who have time and courage to work through the issues to test it. Then release to public.
  10. OK there are several issues with the new version, I think they were listed earlier.. slowness, can't find notes. Wondering when is the update coming to fix things. I already removed and reinstalled and still same. I do like the design of the new iOS app, but if this is the way the developers are going to release the apps, without proper testing, I am going to say they need to go back to school.
  11. Hi, Does it mean the 3rd party apps will be also affected? I use EN on iPad and Macbook client only. Don't use web. So 2 clients total. However, On my iPad I also have 3rd party apps installed that do connect to Evernote. For one of the apps I have a subscription due so I am concerned whether I should renew the subscription or not. Are the iOS 3rd party clients going to be affected? The subscription renewal is due tomorrow so I wanted to check here if anybody knows. I don't want to renew it only to find I can't use the 3rd party apps due to the device limit. Some of the apps I have: ht
  12. The box is ticked off (I tried to tick on and off again) but the descriptive links still show in the note. It's probably a bug. Am I looking in right places to disable it?
  13. I just upgraded from version 5.x to version on Windows. Surprised to see the thick margins around the PDF document. It makes the view unuseable, lost space around the PDF document and the size has shrinked. Also it looks like Evernote now uses a different rendering method for the PDFs because the font in PDF doesn't look as sharp as it used to. It is still readable but less sharp. There is about 30% of the space consumed by thick margins. Here is a picture to demonstrate the point. The margin space is marked by bubbles 1,2,3,4. It's wasteful use of space in a note when
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