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  1. Makes sense. Everybody's mileage varies of course. I always buy very old macs for a few dollars as I get much more value of them per dollar spent. They otherwise work perfectly fine. And I don't play games. Legacy versions of Evernote is the way to go.
  2. My mac Pro 2010 and MacMini have both 16 GB RAM, 500mbs SSD drives in RAID0 arrangement so they are no turtles although the 2.4ghz processor is likely the bottle neck. A turtle would win over Evernote hands down for me.
  3. Remember the old days, Japanese community around Evernote was vivid, the guys know how to think efficiently. 3rd party product but it's cool how they inserting referencing links in documents. https://scrapbox.io/product. Evernote should just buy them out I would say. It may save the day for Evernote.
  4. Exaple of what would be more useful for the scratchpad: They could have made the scratchpad as part of iOS or Android Widget and then it can be kind of useful. You could quickly jot things and then there would be a button to select the notebook I want to send the note to and it would send the note to that notebook and create the title from the 1st jotted line (and maybe I could write there a date like June 1 and it would create a reminder. That's what could be a useful application of it. Otherwise, waste of space. There are already tools like the Sticky Note for Evernote ap
  5. Yes, you don't need to click that checkmark. I think they added it there for easier onboarding new users or anybody who feel worries by exiting the note and then go back to check to "make sure it was saved". To be honest, I have done this ineffective habit quite often when saving something important or for example when I was on an unreliable connection and note was a shared note so it wound't save it locally. The question is, whether the checkmark gone is a confirmation of the note saving was completed successfully or it is just a pretty button to do the same as leaving the n
  6. Well if you look at the number of "votes" in he forum, the request like yours is nowhere to be found. What lands on the top is "Different colors for text highlight..." well I guess it kind off makes sense, seeing and hearing the "text literraly singing" in notes in multiple colour tones can potentially make people feel a little less depressed and promote introspection, lighthearted self-expression and thus may lead to potentially healthy outcomes and life satisfaction full circle. What a noble holistic goal for humanity and environmental causes and climate change too.... Ok, I am done now.
  7. No we didn't receive the invites to any of the previous Evernote's management Zoom meeting either. But thanks @GrumpyMonkey for articulating our valid concerns so eloquently and yet in a such a congenial manner to Evernote so I trully wish their team will become a bit more approacheable, less avoidant and hopefully stop shunning negative feedback and join our discussions. Just quickly to your point 1: Hopefully I understand what you meant correctly, please let me know if I misunderstood. On iOS in Settings / Notes there is switch "Edit protection" .. says protect your notes from accidenti
  8. Thank you for reminding us @PinkElephant that you are also NOT in favor of this design decissions. And I appreciate you playing devil's advocate here, so at least we don't need to feel we are ranting here alone. Encouraging expression of opinions about what's going on is what one would hope can mobilize brains and to some degree change because being quiet certainly didn't help in the past. I don't need to be brave to say whatever steps Evernote was taking in the recent past are making the prospects for folks to sign up for any of the paid plans a bit more remote now than befo
  9. And they are already trying to monetize the home screen even though it's just a fresh concept. Without customization it's useless. It's going to be a nag-screen and I bet free users will see advertisement there asking for upgrade to paid. So I guess that's goig to be the price of being on free version - the home page nag.
  10. Thank you Evernote, as always, for making his progress and removing Recent Search results from under Search box and for adding useless Suggestions ... I already have useless home screen so don't try to vandalize my search now please. Android has Recent searches no problem there as it's an older Apk I have.
  11. I bet this home screen ends up being just another name on the Evernote graveyard of toys they play with. They blow the money. I thought first a few years back they have easy money, some extraordinary generous donors or investors but when the news came about how they have to make cuts then the whole sorry situation of theirs came into spotlight. Think of the Evernote food, Skitch (although a great product I never find it was a good fit being outside of Evernote and too amazing for the basic Evernote needs), think of the work chat (they launched with great fanfare but it was working on and
  12. Tremendous I must say. I just discovered the wheel. And it syncs too. Genious. UPDATE: The only issue I have is when typing in Evernote to get the shortcut, Evernote displays an overlay search suggestions box on top of it, so the text replacement snippet is underneath it. But it works by typing ttt[SPACE]. It's just if Ihad two different shortcuts saved which I use for Evernote, Ican't see what I am selecting. Pic attached.
  13. I bet, in Evernote'sque fashion, they could add: 1. Saved sarches 2. Sticky notes 3 Favorite notes 4. Quik message box to send an email to Evernote recycle bin about how much I hate the new evernote. However, this doesn't come free. I suggest Evernote requires a subscrition to premium account to include the above. To skip the home screen entirely, a suscrition to premium account will also be required. The only item that I believe will be free is the message box. Free EVERNOTE - STOP - STOP FOOOLING AROUND. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU, AN ARMY OF DEVOTED USERS - J
  14. Yes, I was hinting at premium life-time license. For example $149 premium license, I might be on board, why not.
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