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Copy a Folder

Dick M

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20 minutes ago, Dick M said:

Is there a way to copy the contents of a folder to a new folder?

This would be copying notes of a notebook to a new notebook

On my Mac, I multi-select the notes and a move button appears   76315956_ScreenShot2020-12-20at11_48_44.png.73c6157b5cbf1c2e9f6d52af71a6b140.png




There's also an export/import process to create copies of notes

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I mostly use the web version of Evernote on my Windows 10 laptop with the Edge browser. This allows me to use grammar and spell checking that is not available in the Windows App. However, in both the web app and the Windows app I can only select one note at a time for copying into a new folder. Doable but tedious for folders with many notes. The copy would be just what I need if I could somehow select all the notes within a folder. 

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