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Keyboard-Shortcut to Open Web Clipper on Chrome -DISCOVERED!

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Normally and for as long as I've been using EN Web Clipper (with chrome Browser) on my PC, when I want to clip a webpage etc, I have always 1st clicked the EN Elephant extension-button on my Chrome browser toolbar to launch the Web Clipper.

Well I accidentally discovered that pressing the Tilde/Squiggle/backtick/Grave Accent key (see image), or whatever it's called, on the immediate left-side of the 'number one' key on my keyboard launches the EN Clipper in one keyboard press, rather than moving the mouse/cursor to the elephant icon...nice!



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I made the mistake of upgrading to EN10 on my window 7 desktop and then went back down to "Evernote Legacy".  However, I now find that my web clipper is gone.  I followed the tip above and was able to bring up the webclipper dialog box by using the "tilde"  key; however, this is not the same thing as clicking the windows  key+Prt Scrn and being able to clip out anything I want.  Does anyone know how to do that?  I must be missing something obvious.  Also, is there a way to use web clipper when using the web version?

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