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Saved column/sort attributes for saved searches



Currently (as I understand it), there is one set of column and sort attributes for all views.  I leverage saved searches to help me with my GTD implementation with Evernote.  It would be of high value to have each saved search hold onto the columns and sorting I defined for that view.

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Let me further describe what I am requesting as I don't think I was clear...

Evernote’s output is a list of notes.  From all the notes, one can filter using either the query language or the UI.  The list structure is defined by a set of columns and a sort by one of those columns.

There is one structure definition for all lists.  You can change the structure definition by adding/removing columns and you can change the sort.  However, the changes are then applied for all lists.

When a list is saved, it is called a Saved Search as the filter is saved in some entity for future use.  When a Saved Search is re-opened, the filter is applied - along with the current columns/sort defined for all lists.

I am requesting the columns and sort to be saved along with the filter when creating a Saved Search.


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@dvollc I follow you and couldn't agree more.  This would be an awesome improvement and someday/hopefully it will come.  In the meantime, I would love them to just allow us to actually sort by any column, since you can't currently sort by reminder date in saved search results.

One point about your suggestion... it is actually worse than the fact that it keeps the same sort/column display on all lists.  Saved search results default to sorting by "relevance", which is totally useless for most of my GTD saved searches.  I have searches based on reminder for different contexts, and the inability to sort those results by reminder date is probably my number one complaint about v10 so far (and generally I am very happy with it).

However... it would be great to be able to sort by any column and save sort preferences by notebook, tag OR saved search... so +1 for this.

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23 minutes ago, aukirk said:

it would be great to be able to sort by any column

Expand Sort Options is requested Here   
To indicate support, use the vote button at the top  left corner of the discussion

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My request assumes a list is created by multiple notes.  I am wondering if the EN product managers and the EN user population disagrees with the assumption because when I look at the EN templates provided (Weekly Planner  and To-Do specifically), they are lists using one note.

To me, the power of EN comes from the organization of multiple notes.  Each note can have its own combination of tags.  A list comprising of multiple notes allows me to look at the multiple notes from different perspectives.

Having a list comprising of one note means each item in the list has the same tags.  There is no way to relate an item on the single note list with information on other notes.  I find this extremely limiting and ignores the flexibility offered with multiple note based lists.

Currently, in following the multiple note list approach, I use saved searches as my means of creating lists.  The issue I have and as pointed out in my feature request, is that all saved search output have the same columns and sort structure.  Having the saved search include the column and sort definitions greatly enhances what saved searches produce.

Do you see my point?  Or, is it just too easy to use one note to create a list vs the trouble of having to create the saved searches?

Thanks for the opportunity to post.

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