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How can I pull the red underline that occurs under some proper nouns and correct spelling?

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I write a novel with Evernote.

However, the recent spelling function put pressure on my novel.

Please make it possible to turn off and turn on spelling function.

Although it was not easy to change the app because there were a lot of notes made in Evernote, if the problem persists, I am willing to move to another app without spelling marks.
With years of affection with this program, I leave this article.
I hope for a quick solution.

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I have the exact same problem. It drives me nuts, that I can't turn it off. I have turned off "Highlight misspelled words" in Windows 10 settings, but it still underlines every single word I write in my notes, as I often take notes in different languages. I can't abstract from it, when I'm writing longer texts, so I have turned to writing my notes in Notepad and then copy paste it to Evernote afterwards. That is just counter-productive. 

I generally hate spelling aids. Notes are not always 100% percent correct, as the notetaking is often done in haste. I want my notetaking app to be like my Moleskine notebook. Just a blank canvas in most cases. 

Evernote, please fix this. 

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Yes, please make it possible to turn off the spell check (the red dotted line under words). When I write or read a note in Slovene (or some other non-English language), the red dots under every word drive me nuts. Updates should be improvements, not cause further annoyance!1018949839_ScreenShot2020-12-27at14_46_37.thumb.png.9b9a691e7c7cd1c1e2d8b42b5ae0d3f0.png

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As a new Evernote user, I have found this problem immediately. If it continues I won't be an Evernote user much longer and I certainly wouldn't pay for such a buggy product. There is no way to turn it off!

"If a word in your note doesn't match your device's dictionary, the word will be called out with a red squiggled underline. There's no spell check feature built into Evernote for Windows."

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