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  1. I've created notes using the Windows app and web browser, which end up with a desktop format (landscape). When I open these in the Android app (8.13.3) the notes keep the landscape format, so content towards the right of the note is off-screen. I have to drag the page over to see it. Most content-based apps that run on both desktop and mobile platforms adjust the format to match. I would have thought this was an obvious requirement, but Evernote doesn't seem to think this. I'm trying Evernote out as a new user but basic issues like this make it unlikely I will continue.
  2. As a new Evernote user, I have found this problem immediately. If it continues I won't be an Evernote user much longer and I certainly wouldn't pay for such a buggy product. There is no way to turn it off! "If a word in your note doesn't match your device's dictionary, the word will be called out with a red squiggled underline. There's no spell check feature built into Evernote for Windows."
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