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Bing back automatic note loading when browsing notes!

Andrea Bisiach



Imagine the scenario when you make a search that returns many results or simply want to browse the list of notes in a notebook.

Well it used to be that you can simply use the keyboard up and down to move across the list and the note would load and show on the right side (hopefully, soon at the bottom too as it was possible before)

Well, it Evernote 10 is no longer possible. I would have classified this as a bug I let the community respond on this and eventually vote it up and maybe move it as bug.

Now you meed 2 keystrokes for each note.

Down, Enter, Down, Enter, Down, Enter.......

Simply to see he content of your note.

Again, as other examples, it seems that product design, development and usability is too much mouse oriented and has forgotten the benefits for proper keyboard navigation in terms of productivity and ergonomics (please spare my wrists carpal tunnels for mouse overuse ;-))

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