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  1. Agreed. This is invaluable when you forget which note actually contains your meaty stuff. Maybe they did a survey and 99% of users have 60% keyboards with no arrow keys
  2. This is a trojan horse post With all the (mainly valid) concerns with v10 going around I feel like the product team at Evernote needs a little positivity - and I don't know where in this forum we go to compliment the team. 1. Performance The performance across Mac devices (Mac, iPadOS, iOS) has anecdotally improved, massively. Searching for notes is quicker in iOS and iPadOS version and adding images to notes is much quicker in iOS now. 2. Live Sync Live sync is a god-send for people that use their iPad to draw complex stuff on a separate app, and want to quickly copy/paste it over to the iPad evernote, then screen grab it instantly on their Mac version. 3. Filtering with tags This is big school s**t. Being able to filter in the search bar by a tag, and see the subset list of notes, then to be suggested the top 5 tags that are most paired with the tag already filtered ...bellissimo. Also, once i've filtered by tags that exhaust options (i.e. adding any other tag would yield no results) I can no longer do further tag filtering. You might want to make that more explicit in the UI but in terms of of quality, I really like this. --- Yes, there's lots that isn't quite there yet, and stuff you need to bring back. But, I can see how the decision to release across all Mac devices was taken. Keep fighting!
  3. Firstly - I think the new search capability is better than the old. In particular, the ease of searching by tags! I have seen in your release notes that cmd+j will eventually return, but I just want to highlight that this is a feature I really miss and so the sooner it can be reintroduced the better. The best thing about cmd+j was the fact that the search results box was prepopulated with the last_accessed notes, making it very quick and easy for me to jump around between 5 or 6 different notes. This is important when creating a number of smaller notes that are all linked in a larger note. It's also important because I preferred to minimise the the main application, and work solely in notes. Here's a high-level journey Start on the "main note" and create a new note with cmd+n Fill out some information and create tags for the new note Use ctrl+option+cmd+c to copy the note link cmd+j select the main note which was always top of my list In the new app, i'm trying the same thing but the experience isn't as smooth: Start on the "main note" (see image 1 below) Press cmd+n for a new note, fill out information and tags (see image 2 below) Use ctrl+option+cmd+c to copy the note link option+cmd+f to bring up new search (i'm hoping for the main note) the new search doesn't display the recently accessed "main note" and also, i'm directed to a new note (see image 3 below) image 1 Image 2 Image 3
  4. Hi everyone, I work in software and do a lot of note taking about client workflows, feedback etc. I tend to write notes as a way of describing what i've observed, or I am hearing which means that notes are a mix of declarative statements (e.g. "this happens like that") interspersed with questions (e.g. "But why does this happen like that?"). I would like a method of capturing these questions as I take notes that: Is clean and tidy. I.e. formatted in a way that makes the questions easily distinguishable from the statements Is quick. I.e. achievable using a hotkey or some form of 3rd party automation e.g. Alfred Allows me to maintain context. I.e. The question is either positioned next to related statements, or at the very least linked to the statements So far, the best thing I can come up with is: Capture a question using a checkbox Indent a bullet point under the question to create space for the answer However, this is very messy (see attached screenshot). What are the innovative ways that people deal with this?
  5. Hi, Until this morning, whenever I copied an image and pasted to Evernote, the image would simply save inline as an image. I would then right click the image and choose to annotate it. This morning, i made the mistake of clicking on the "Annotate this note" button instead. It converted an image inside the note to PDF and once I had finished annotating, dropped the pdf file into the note. That in itself wouldn't be an issue. However now, every-time I copy/paste an image into Evernote, that image is automatically converted to PDF. This is a significant issue for me, as i regularly use the following workflow: Screen clip and paste into evernote annotate image in evernote copy image from evernote into other docs (word, google docs etc) This isn't working with the sudden change to PDF. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Zak
  6. Hi, As per below screenshot - when I try to 'Open Note in New Tab' and am in Mac Splitscreen - the Evernote app crashes and has to restart. I've submitted error reports. A workaround is to create the multi-tab note then add to the splitscreen afterwards, using Mac Command Centre.
  7. +1 it's a little ridiculous that a note app doesn't have the ability to highlight in different colours.
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