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How to put list of notes on top?


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On 9/7/2020 at 12:15 AM, abdu said:

The list of notes is in a side column. How do I put them on top like I was able to in the regular version?

Click on the View icon and select Top List, if I am understanding your question.


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21 minutes ago, Paul A. said:

@CalS, that's not available in the Beta version, is it? Note that this question was posted in the Preview/Beta forums...

My bad.  There are a couple of these


I think this one is for the older beta.  The second one is for the new beta.  Did you mean to post in that one?

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10 hours ago, Paul A. said:

@CalS I'm not the OP, but yeah, it's confusing for users. Hopefully they haven't bothered to simplify the forum interface because the "new" beta is about to become the "public" beta. 

Not sure.  It's just about renaming the forums.  This forum is the public forum so it's not the new stuff beta, in theory.  The other forum should only be visible to new stuff beta users.  Not sure there is a public beta now as the new app development has been in play for almost two years..  More confusion.  🤷‍♂️

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