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How to wrap text

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8 hours ago, hostile17 said:

Hi I feel silly not being able to work this one out, but how do I wrap text?

I have an image in a note, and I want to align it right and have the text wrap around it so that it's not so intrusive.



Hi.  It's not a silly question,  because basically there's no current way to wrap text around an image in Evernote.  You can force a layout by creating a table - a 2x2 table sets up a two-column layout,  and 3x3 gives you a little more flexibility.  Outside of Evernote,  any word processor will give you proper document formatting - and you can attach your DOCX file (or whatever) to a note,  so it's available wherever you can access Evernote.

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Wow. How strange. I thought Evernote was the dog's peanuts... but they haven't mastered a basic WYSIWG element of the last 30 years.


I'm sure there's some clever reason for such an obvious omission, but I'll go back to One Note I think. 


I appreciate your response however, and letting me know... I really thought I was being obtuse on that.

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2 minutes ago, hostile17 said:

I'm sure there's some clever reason for such an obvious omission

Evernote is a note editor, not a word processor
The format is html based

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1 hour ago, hostile17 said:

I'm sure there's some clever reason for such an obvious omission

How about: it's probably a strategic decision not an omission.

Why reinvent the wheel,  add to the overall cost that subscribers have to pay for, make the menu system even more complicated with layers of style and format options,  and have the technical task of making sure this works on all the devices and in all the supported OS's,  and the web?

NB: note the 'probably' - this is (mainly) a user-supported forum.  Nobody here but us chickens.  Have fun with OneNote.

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Well that's my point, there's probably a clever reason. Most companies don't make decisions randomly, there's a thought process. 

And again I thank you for your response... when they have users doing their work for them you deserve that thanks!

OneNote largely fits my needs, I was just tempted to try out EverNote. 

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