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  1. Well that's my point, there's probably a clever reason. Most companies don't make decisions randomly, there's a thought process. And again I thank you for your response... when they have users doing their work for them you deserve that thanks! OneNote largely fits my needs, I was just tempted to try out EverNote.
  2. Oh, not a clever reason. 😕
  3. Wow. How strange. I thought Evernote was the dog's peanuts... but they haven't mastered a basic WYSIWG element of the last 30 years. I'm sure there's some clever reason for such an obvious omission, but I'll go back to One Note I think. I appreciate your response however, and letting me know... I really thought I was being obtuse on that.
  4. Hi I feel silly not being able to work this one out, but how do I wrap text? I have an image in a note, and I want to align it right and have the text wrap around it so that it's not so intrusive. Thanks Antony
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