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Can't edit with handwriting using Samsung S6 tablet



I have a new Samsung S tablet however I'm unable to use the evernote handwriting feature when trying to edit a note. The icon is completely missing and I don't have handwriting as an option when I edit a note. If I create a brand new note I do have the option along with the text, audio, and handwriting so that works. The problem is if I want to edit an existing note I used to be able to use the handwriting feature.

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That I understand but if I still want/like the option to edit existing notes. If I originally create a note and select the handwriting, I can save and then edit via either normal text or handwriting. This allows me to type messages or even draw diagrams, what it was intended for. If the note originally was a text note (like if I created a new note on my computer), the only option I have when editing is text unlike have both text and handwriting. 

It *seems* like it really depends on how the note was originally created but I have a BUNCH or existing notes and now bought a tablet with pen to help draw on existing notes but that option isn't there. 

Am I missing somethig?

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I just looked into this, and I found that adding handwriting to an existing text note is done through the Attachment menu (paper clip at top). This opens a handwriting box, and what you write there will be attached to the note at the cursor point as a (rather large) image. NB you can't see the typed text while you're writing by hand.

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