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  1. That's actually a great idea..I wonder if you can have the columns sort by data similar to Excel... I'm curious, have you been using a single note to quickly scroll threw notes (and inherit searching of the body text) vs. individual notes? I just don't want to manually open and close note after note to review all activity. I know I can merge but...
  2. It's just getting over the issue of having to open multiple individual notes for a specific tag, subject, customer, etc...Instead, I'm just creating a single note and using Evernote's inherit search feature that can search the body of the text. That way I just have one note and can quickly scroll to review any history.
  3. I manage many individual accounts and each week, we have at least 2-3 internal meetings to discuss them. I use to create individual notes for every meeting and use tags, but the problem was, while the search and tags were great, I still had to close and open, close and open, many individual notes to get the history. Now, I'm experimenting with creating a single note and just using inherit tags in the text of the note like "_campaign". This way, I just have one single note I can scroll to see the entire history. Has anyone else used this method or have feedback?
  4. Just soft. Like a single PDF that collapes has my W2 (pdf), pictures of receipts, etc...If I merge all of them, then print, it does NOT print the embeded .pdfs into that output.
  5. Thanks. I actually experimented with the HTML version, but sort of hard when they want you to upload files to their own secure servers. I have the ability to print to a PDF. There were some issues though, including the quality. The end goal would be to have it all with one .PDF. I have 50+ individual notes from the year, again some pictures, some the notes already PDFs, etc...I just one to have them all merged into. Since some of the notes may actually not have attachments, maybe its an email confirmation of something I can deduct, the "Save Attachments" feature won't work.
  6. I keep all my tax related documents in one folder with "tax" tags but am having an issue trying to get them easily to my accountant. These notes can vary from a .pdf, .jpg picture and plain text. The issues is really around those that have pictures, like a picture of a receipt I took. There are also issues if the note was directly emailed. When I export, it downloads each embedded picture from that email. I have tried MANY options. The best I got was the mass "Save Attachments" but that's really only great for .pdfs. Several of my notes are images. And even though the note is titleled and tagged, if I "Save Attachment" it only saves the image file name which generally is not specific. Ideally, I wanted to select all those notes -> Export into a consolidated .pdf. I also found really bad image quality when printing to .pdf. Sometimes, if its a picture, it doesn't scale the image and you only get a fraction of the image.
  7. I have many customers and have created individual Notebooks for them. My question is, what's the best way to keeping ongoing meetings for that customer? I'm interested in peoples thoughts of either 1) Keeping one long running note, with time stamps to separate each meeting OR; 2) Individual notes for each meeting (trade-off is I would have to open each note individually to review all my notes, but I can use tags)
  8. I have been trying to find the best way to eliminate taking notes on paper, but also preserving the "natural" note taking during meetings and thought I'd pass this along. I looked at several things like LiveScribe, Evernote, Penultimate, Stylus pens, multiple stylus applications and the Samsung Note 2 tablet and wanted to share what I found. The best of everything is using my Samsung Note 2 Tablet since it has a handwriting to text recognition input method that can open in almost any application and use it in Evernote. Evernote purchased Sketch which is there drawing application so you can open that directly in your note. You can also record your audio, take pics, etc...and have that all attached to the Evernote. If I want to actually preserve my handwriting, I'll use Penultimate who they purchased. LiveScribe - Cool, but it's just an audio pen and paper. You still need a computer if you want to search your notes and if you jut bring your pen and paper, you don't have access to any electronic files, emails, CRM, etc... in a meeting. You can search handwriting but need access to the LiveScribe desktop app or Evernote. There is a convert to text but is a 3rd party. Penultimate - This is way cool. It's just like LiveScribe but digital. You can just write on your tablet like normal and it can search your handwriting. Evernote also purchased them so there is a seamless integration (if you send to Evernote you can also search your handwritten notes). It's only compatible with iPad but they are working on Android support. There is no way to pull up the keyboard for text input. This is the best option if you want to see your actual handwritten notes along with any drawings on the page. Since there's note text conversion though, you can't copy and paste. Evernote - I use this for both my work and personal notes / research projects. It seamlessly integrates with LiveScribe and Penultimate. There is also a 3rd party app if you want to integrate with Salesforce.com Samsung Note 2 Tablet - This is awesome if you want to have a pen in your hand to keep the natural flow of a meeting vs. typing on a keyboard. The Samsung keyboard lets you change the input method to a really, really good handwriting recognition input. You can use this in Evernote or in their S Note application. Their S note application is cool since it has several meeting note templates and can send "text" only to Evernote (if you scribble or sketch it can send to Evernote but only as an image) S Note - Samsung's built in note taking application. It's great but if you send pages with drawings, it's only .pdfs and they have there propriety .snb files that limits ability to edit in other applications. There isn't much it can do that Evernote/Penultimate can't do. CAN'T WAIT FOR ANDROID ON PENULTIMATE AND THE ABILITY TO PULL UP A KEYBOARD FOR TEXT ENTRY OR SOME OTHER HANDWRITE TO TEXT CONVERSION METHOD. Hope this helps. Note taking comparison.pdf
  9. First, I'm waiting for the Android version, which would be great. I have a Samsung Note 2 and really, really like the handwriting recognition keyboard on the Samsung keyboard. I actually have returned my Livescribe since I can search in Evernote and use my stylus for natural note taking. I really like the Penultimate potential but would be GREAT if we could have a keyboard input option as well in the event we want to actually use text input. Is that possible? Anything in the works? Thanks.
  10. this is what works for me. Just use the handwriting to text input method on the Samsung Keyboard with s note. I use one of the Memo templates that has things like date time etc... when you share, you first it will give you options that includes text only, You then can select ever note So it will then only send the text that is just like you typed it in Ever note. I like the template because it will also include the things like attendees, time stamp,etc... Like some on e else mentioned, you could also just open ever note t use the handwriting input method on the Samsung keyboard. I have terrible writing but it works great. You could then opend Sketch for any drawings. The problem w/s note is its.Snb files aren't great sharing. Then what happens it you stop using that application? I am going to use Ever note t have the natural ability to handwrite for meetings & stillthe ability to add drawings, pies o sketches inside Ever note. I Can then easily share since Ever note is compatible & Searchable with ALL of my devices. It also has the audio record option. I did look at Live scribe but the problem is I need a tablet or computer anyway if I wanted to search notes.The handwriting → text Keyboard gives me the same natural note taking I want with the power of having all the electronic into I need at my fingertips. Ever note also has the checkboxes and easy format options I can quickly select. The only trade off is it I want to draw circles or lines pointing to text but that is pretty rare for my daily note taking for meetings. now it I could take a combo of handwriting to text + include any of my lines r circles that is searchable all in Ever note that would be way cool. Livekribe basically does just that and is searchable, They also have a add on by my script that Can convert my handwriting to text . But it only will take the text which is just like the share option on my tablet. I still don't have the electronic into or search features it I just walk into a meeting with a Live scribe journal. Any thoughts or comments?
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