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2 questions:

1) How do I rebuild the search index on Android? That might fix #2

2) Search consistently fails to find notes or exclude changed notes that no longer meet a saved search criteria. Do I need to wait a period of time before new/changed notes end up on searches correctly?

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This is a chronic issue for years that seems to come and go with no detectable pattern. In my experience, once the search index is corrupted/out of date, restarting the client, or the computer, rarely helps (but try that first). Also, sometimes saved searches will return bad results, but a "from scratch" search using the same parameters will work.

Doing an uninstall/reinstall sometimes works, but in my experience (Windows and Android) just waiting for the problem to solve itself gives you about the same probability of a fix as the uninstall-reinstall, but is a lot less work. Meanwhile use a different method to access your notes (Web, phone, different computer, different phone, etc.).

If you get tired of re-installing or waiting for it to fix itself, sometimes down-grading to an older version of the client will help. Here's how to do that for Android. For other devices/clients, search the relevant Evernote forum.


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7 hours ago, Chickaloon said:

Great. So apparently whenever I add a new note, for it to show up I need to reinstall. Great app.

Didn't mean repeat after every search.. just that it might take a couple of goes to update the search index.

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