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  1. Great. So apparently whenever I add a new note, for it to show up I need to reinstall. Great app.
  2. 2 questions: 1) How do I rebuild the search index on Android? That might fix #2 2) Search consistently fails to find notes or exclude changed notes that no longer meet a saved search criteria. Do I need to wait a period of time before new/changed notes end up on searches correctly?
  3. Thanks @Shane D.. I want a new journal note created each morning with a template that I fill in to complete my daily journal. I can use IFTTT to create the note each day, or I can have IFTTT send an email to do the same thing. In either case I would like the note created with the correct template. I can put a pseudo template in the body of the email or the IFTTT app, but you need to use HTML to format it, which will run over the 4K byte limit. Using a template would be the better way to go.
  4. @Shane D. Is there a way to specify a template when creating a new note from email or IFTTT? You can specify notebook, tags, etc., but I don't see a code for template.
  5. Thanks, yes I just checked and yes there is a new version. I will install and try it out. I also have seen the problem where my shortcuts don't bring up any matches unless I try 5+ times. I think all these problems have a root cause around all the threading and subprocesses they are using. There are probably race conditions or other issues in the inter-process communication that is causing all this. I think they chose a much too complicated programming model for their Windows desktop version, unfortunately.
  6. This is still an issue. On the Windows client, bring up a new note. You must wait 5+ seconds, and click multiple times in the note area before you start typing, just to make SURE you're actually typing where you think you are. Not good.
  7. Thanks. Yes the camera app works fine, but it puts the photos in my gallery also which I don't want. Evernote seems to not use the flash after the first photo, even if the flash is turned on.
  8. In the multi-shot mode (which I want to use to avoid photos taking up gallery space), if I have the flash setting icon to "always", the flash only works for the first photo. Subsequent photos are underexposed and blurry. Anyone else see this? Galaxy S7.
  9. Have a shortcut as follows: notebook:"Action Pending" any: tag:1-Now -tag:* When I try to use the shortcut in Evernote Web, it gets translated as: notebook%3A"Action Pending" any%3A tag%3A1-Now -tag%3A* which obviously fails. I guess your QA team didn't try shortcuts in the Web version?
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