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Evernote local db is taking a log of space. I need to regain storage spaces by purging Evernote local db. I was actually pulling my hair why Evernote takes so much space on local db. The option to make selected notebooks available off line suggests it shouldn't eat up so much local spaces if you selected none.

Any help would be appreciated.

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26 minutes ago, Madflute said:

The option to make selected notebooks available off line suggests it shouldn't eat up so much local spaces if you selected none.

Offline notebooks are not an option on the Mac platform   
We automatically get a full copy of our Evernote data

The only option for a small data footprint is to use the web platform

How much space is being used - I'm currently at 16GB for 13.5K notes

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If you need to get rid of some space used by EN, here some tips:

  • Empty the trash. It is not counted in most counts, but is still taking up space in the data base.
    Hint: When you empty the trash, all content will be permanently deleted.
  • Don't use EN to organize stuff that is better organized by other apps. Examples are media files of all types: Pictures, video, music.
  • Reflect on whether you really need all stuff like pdfs in full resolution. Most is completely readable with medium res as well.
  • If you need to set up sort of an archive, open a second EN user. Put it to Premium for a short time, move everything you want to archive to this user (10GB allowance per month), then fall back to Basic with this user. Only use the web client to access these notes in the future, or share them selectively to the Premium account when needing them.
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Thank you both for chiming in.

So, is the consensus is that the Mac users are pretty much doomed? I am about 22GB in on this MBP. I scan a lot of old magazines so I have then with me when I write articles. I did not know that is the space all of 5 Macs I use is using for Evernote.

This is really tough.

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31 minutes ago, Madflute said:

So, is the consensus is that the Mac users are pretty much doomed?

No, but then I have no storage  issues (Mac and iPad)   
I prefer having a local copy  of my data

There's a request linked below    
To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion


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„Doomed“ implies EN is using all available memory. This it does not do, it is in fact quite efficient in using space to store content. But it only knows 3 operating modes, which depend on the OS on which it is running:

  • Desktop: Many Features, like merging notes, table of content etc., with full local database
  • Mobile: Restricted Feature set, rudimentary local data base, possibility to selectively download notebooks as „offline“ copy, but only working on one note at a time
  • Web Client: Cloud-only version, for example when it is not possible to install the app

Personally I would like to have a better control over the desktop versions data base, which is subject of the feature request embedded by DTLow. In the meantime, we have to use what we get, which is the list of possibilities I have noted above. For a Mac with a small internal memory it means planning ahead.

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I have 1TB internal SSD but most of the spaces are used for my sample libraries for my performing. This can't be external drive for the access speed reason (also not a list I will take for live performance reason).

My last question. Can Evernote db on an external drive? Can symlink work?

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EN up to my knowledge can not be installed externally. It needs to run on the Macs drive, and in Windows on the system drive.

For my stuff that eats up a lot of disk space I use a SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD with 2 TB, that supports USB 3.2. It reads and writes with appr. 500MB/s. This speed it available over a long time, it does not break down due to thermal throttling of the SSD Controller.

This is 5-6 times the speed of a 2.5“ HDD with USB 3.1, which deliver appr. 80 MB/s. So it is fast enough even for online editing of large RAW pictures with live filters and other stuff. And it fits into the palm of my hand. It is in the 300€/$-range for 2TB.

If you need even faster performance, there are true Thunderbolt 3 SSDs, that will deliver nearly the same blinding speed (above 2.000 MB/s) as the internal SSD of todays MacBook Pros. But they are expensive, the 2TB nearly 1.000€/$ when I last looked it up.

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