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Last three days crashes on MacBook.

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No rhyme or reason when attempting to open a note Evernote shuts down. Nothing changed on machine- no new software etc.

Macbook Catalina 10.15.5 (19F101)

Version 7.14 (458265 App Store)
Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e)

This application is becoming increasingly unstable and for me at this time unusable on Mac at least ( the only platform I have access to allowing notes to be merged).

I will not be renewing my subscription after 8 years if this continues.

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No idea what caused your problem. Running EN under Catalina, all last release versions, and it is doing just fine.

You could try support, they can look into the crash log.

In general I prefer the direct download over the AppStore version. It is the same code, but from the AppStore it will always run in a sandbox mode. If you want to switch, make sure you delete all parts of the old installation (using something like AppCleaner) before reinstalling. Local notebook data will get lost, so make sure to back them up if YouTube any.

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Like PinkElephant, I'm not having any issues whatsoever either. I'm also running Evernote Mac 7.14 on macOS 10.15.5.


12 hours ago, rob24hrs said:

This application is becoming increasingly unstable

How long has this issue been occuring?

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It seems to tied in to trying to view notes contains pdfs. Using Evernote for research purposes results in a lot of PDFS being stored. I deleted the App Store version and installed latest version from EN site. Same issue. Trying to view a note containing a PDF (35 page pdf) causes a crash.

With new features promised in Apple notes I will be moving away from Evernote in the fall unless they really get their act together and focus on getting the basics right.

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From my side, I have a ton of pdfs, downloaded from the web, converted from websites through the "print as pdf" option, scanned with my iPhone and scanned with my ScanSnap ix500. Most have their own OCR, some rely on the EN OCR from the server. Pages go up into a 3 digit count - at a time I was really good in feeding more paper into my ScanSnap before the 50-sheet-feeder did run empty. Note sizes are often above 10MB, some above 100MB.

Just opened some notes and the contained pdfs - no crashes, fast and responsive system reaction, even when scrolling though long pdfs.

 So sorry, I would like to help, but no idea as a user.

Support is the next best step, I think. Probably they can review crash logs from EN and from the Mac to see where things go wrong.

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