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  1. I have to agree, unfortunately. Ultimately, I recognize that Evernote doesn't owe me (or any of us) anything and that I have no right to tell them how to run their business. I also understand and actually appreciate that Ian Small doesn't want to promise anything he can't be sure they can deliver. However, it's also a fairly common software business practice to provide their customers with a roadmap: what item's they have accepted for development and a generalized status of where each one is. I'm sure this is fairly unique, because they aren't really developing new features but are instead re-developing the software—but the total lack of transparency is very much against the grain in today's software development environment. As a diehard user and complete Evernote fanboy, even I am starting to feel uneasy... I'm not coming here to threaten to leave Evernote if my demands are not met (like I said, none of us have any right to make any demand), and I'm not coming here to rage about how horrible the software is (because it's not). But, I am here to second @JMichaelTX's comments—it's also my opinion that providing some transparency would be better than keeping us in the dark.
  2. @JDish - I'm sorry to read about your current health conditions. In my years as an Evernote user, I've never seen the product "hijack" my browser to show me a video. I can't imagine how or why Evernote would do this, especially since it sounds like a help video and not a marketing video. It doesn't seem like there's any real motivation to showing a help/support video unprompted. However, I can imagine how it would be easily to accidentally stumble upon a support video for the web clipper. For example, if you were using Evernote and clicked on the option for help/learning, it would have taken you into Evernote's web-based help center (in a new tab in your browser). There is an article on the web clipper specifically, which includes a video at the top. Based on your messages, I'm betting that you accidentally stumbled upon the help center and found your way to something that included a video on how to use the web clipper.
  3. I doubt this will help, but just throwing this out here in the off chance it does: can you login to Evernote on the web, navigate to your Settings, and check the Devices tab? I think this link will take you there directly if you're already logged in. Do you see your new iPhone listed? If it is listed, try revoking access and then signing in again on your phone. If you don't see your iPhone listed, but you already see two other devices listed, try revoking access to one (such as your old phone) and then try signing into Evernote on your iPhone again. Good luck!
  4. I acknowledge that Evernote's user forum isn't designed to house discussions on racism and privilege, but I also can't be silent about something as important as this. In my opinion, it's lunacy in this day and age that every single company and person hasn't taken a stance against racism and white supremacy. What Ian did in this video is the bare minimum that anybody with a voice should be doing right now. Additionally, I am assuming that your intention behind "couldn't care less what colour or creed someone is" was well-meaning and designed to communicate that someone's race/ethnicity doesn't bother you. However, I want to share that these sentiments often contribute towards systemic racism or—in the very least—the privilege some groups have over others (even though that wasn't your intention, I assume). Not caring (or "not seeing") race/ethnicity is a way of dismissing part of someone's identity, suggesting their experiences aren't valued, refusing to acknowledge your own privilege, and often shutting down further conversations about racial injustice. In most parts of the world—and definitely in the United States, where Evernote is based—systematic racism is rampant; as a result, we must care if we want to move towards a more just and equitable society.
  5. Like PinkElephant, I'm not having any issues whatsoever either. I'm also running Evernote Mac 7.14 on macOS 10.15.5. How long has this issue been occuring?
  6. Same here—that email header often contains important context that I want later. I'm always a fan of reducing steps/clicks, but taking the extra step to forward the sent message rather than BCC is worth it for me. Plus, that gives me a chance to customize the subject if needed and at the notebook/tags if I'm on top of my game.
  7. The most important part of this video is Evernote's stance against racism. The second most important part of this video is that that @Ian Small pronounces "been" like bean. 😳
  8. I don't think so. I don't even see a standalone "Printing" section under the preferences screen on macOS. Here are the categories, if you're interested: That being said, I'm not having any issues printing multiple notes to PDF. When I select multiple notes, I can go File > Print Notes (or hit ⌘P). I'm prompted to enter a filename, and then I can save the file to PDF like I would any other document. Each individual note is printed as a separate PDF, as others have noted, and mine all used the same naming convention that I entered as a filename (with numbers appended to the end). To my surprise, even my attachments were printed as separate PDFs. My experience matches my expectations.
  9. Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that in the classic editor, you can copy/paste code from your IDE into Evernote and the color coding remains? I ask because that's not my experience. Usually when applications such as IDEs color code your text as you type, they're not actually changing the color of the font—they're just displaying those characters in a different color inside their app, without actually changing what you wrote.
  10. I have found that I have to open the Evernote application on my iPhone after I save the webpage using the sharing tray before it will sync. Simply saving using the share tray doesn't seem to sync the new note to my account, but if I switch over to Evernote then it runs the sync process and shows up across all my devices. I doubt this behavior is working as intended, but at least there's a relatively simple work-around. Sounds to me like you found it in Pocket. I've heard others use the same workflow you describe (save it to Pocket, transfer from Pocket to Evernote later if you decide you actually want to keep it), so it seems like it might be a good solution for you.
  11. I'm clearly behind here, but I am wondering if these improvements will also enhance a user's ability to copy/paste content from something like an email message. Right now, copying content from an email in Outlook and pasting it into an Evernote note can often result in very unpredictable formatting—random spacing issues and line breaks being the most maddening (at least for me). I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that these enhancements to the editor will make the archiving of my email in Evernote easier!
  12. I love the idea of templates, but not the execution of them in Evernote. From my seat, templates are currently a hack and not a feature (although Evernote seems to be promoting them a lot recently, which I find interesting...). I would love for the "New Note" button to have a drop-down arrow next to it; if you just click on the button, it would open a blank new note but if you click on the arrow, you could choose from your pre-defined templates.
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