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  1. I don't think so. I don't even see a standalone "Printing" section under the preferences screen on macOS. Here are the categories, if you're interested: That being said, I'm not having any issues printing multiple notes to PDF. When I select multiple notes, I can go File > Print Notes (or hit ⌘P). I'm prompted to enter a filename, and then I can save the file to PDF like I would any other document. Each individual note is printed as a separate PDF, as others have noted, and mine all used the same naming convention that I entered as a filename (with numbers appended to the end). To my surprise, even my attachments were printed as separate PDFs. My experience matches my expectations.
  2. Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that in the classic editor, you can copy/paste code from your IDE into Evernote and the color coding remains? I ask because that's not my experience. Usually when applications such as IDEs color code your text as you type, they're not actually changing the color of the font—they're just displaying those characters in a different color inside their app, without actually changing what you wrote.
  3. I have found that I have to open the Evernote application on my iPhone after I save the webpage using the sharing tray before it will sync. Simply saving using the share tray doesn't seem to sync the new note to my account, but if I switch over to Evernote then it runs the sync process and shows up across all my devices. I doubt this behavior is working as intended, but at least there's a relatively simple work-around. Sounds to me like you found it in Pocket. I've heard others use the same workflow you describe (save it to Pocket, transfer from Pocket to Evernote later if you decide you actually want to keep it), so it seems like it might be a good solution for you.
  4. I'm clearly behind here, but I am wondering if these improvements will also enhance a user's ability to copy/paste content from something like an email message. Right now, copying content from an email in Outlook and pasting it into an Evernote note can often result in very unpredictable formatting—random spacing issues and line breaks being the most maddening (at least for me). I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that these enhancements to the editor will make the archiving of my email in Evernote easier!
  5. I don't disagree. I just wanted to confirm whether or not this was expected behavior or if there was something I'm missing.
  6. One-sided rants like this always confuse me, to be honest. If using Evernote is so frustrating, then why are you using it? I suppose this would be the response to that question: But... aren't you sort of signaling that Evernote is the best-of-breed, then? If no one else has as good of a cross platform note taking app, then Evernote must be the best. If nobody else can come up with a better cross platform note taking app, then why do you so (angrily, it seems) expect Evernote to? I agree that there are definitely bugs in Evernote, and certainly areas they can improve. I also find the delay in typing in the iPhone app maddening, and have a list of things I would have addressed if I got to decide how their development team spent their time. But, like you said, no one else has as good of a cross platform note taking app. Different software options might address some of my wish list items, but that would mean I would have to sacrifice Evernote features. If I did that, then I'd just have a whole other wish list for the new app. The reason I called this rant one-sided is because you're evidently very upset that Evernote doesn't look or work the way you want it to, but these are your preferences... not mine. I personally can't stand Google Docs (which, by the way, is why I don't use it...). The worst part of most Google apps, in my personal opinion, is the user interface. I can't stand it, and I would be really disappointed if Evernote tried to make their app match the Google experience. Google Docs is not the best there is for sharing documents in my personal technology ecospace/workflow. But that's just me... that's my opinion. The great thing about having all of this technology available to us is that we can choose what works best for us. If Google Docs works best for you, super! Feel free to express that opinion, but it seems incredibly unfair to join the Evernote community so you can essentially declare that Google Docs is so much better than Evernote when that isn't the case for everyone.
  7. When inserting a table into a note, a line break is automatically inserted immediately above and below the table. To be clear, I'm not talking about the extra white space that exist so there is space to display the dots, etc. when you edit the table. They are actual blank lines, as if I hit the enter button on my keyboard twice. I can replicate this experience on both the Windows 6.16 client and through the web client. It seems like I can delete the extra line break after the table without problem, but the only way to get rid of the line break above the table is by inserting text on that line. That's fine if I'm using a table in the middle of note contents; however, if the note begins with the table--or if the table is the only content inside the note--I can't figure out how to get rid of that extra line break at the top. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't that big of a problem. It's just something I find really irritating, especially on notes where all of my information is contained inside a table. Can anyone confirm that this is either a bug or a feature, or is there a way to remove the extra line breaks that I haven't discovered yet. Thanks!
  8. Hello, friends, I started using Evernote exclusively for work purposes several years ago, and I live and die by it. I've never used Evernote for personal purposes, but I am slowly developing a desire to do so. At this point, I'm debating between creating a new/separate Evernote account for my life and using the same account for both work & life. I'm reaching out to the community for advice and opinions on this matter, because every time I think about it I change my mind. Factors that make me want to use a single account: I'm an Evernote Premium subscriber, but I'm honestly not interested in paying for a second Premium account. I've come to love some of those Premium features, so I'd have to live without them on my personal account. I use the Evernote app on my iPhone very often. It seems like it would be a total pain to switch between two accounts on the iPhone app, but I hate the thought of giving up the portability of my content. Similarly, I use the Scannable app on my iPhone often and fear the same thing as my previous point. Factors that make me want to use separate accounts: I'm not a solopreneur - or even an entrepreneur. I'm a mid-level manager in an office that rolls up to a division that rolls up to a planning unit that rolls up to a university. My work/personal life blend, but only to the extent of doing work in the evenings and occasionally taking a personal call at work. Being able to access medical notes or drugstore receipts at work seems like it would seriously blur that work/personal line and it makes me somewhat uncomfortable to have that type of information synced to my work machine. My tags would mix, and I need my tags. I guess I could nest them all under a Work and Personal tag, but that seems unnecessarily messy. Likewise, search results would mix. If I'm at work searching for notes related to travel (so I can find that hotel confirmation for the conference I'm about to attend), I don't necessarily want to see notes about a personal trip I took to Nashville a few months ago to see my college roommate. Gah! Help me, Evernote experts! I started this post leaning towards one account and finished it leaning towards multiple accounts. Like I said, I change my mind every time I think about it. Any advice, words of wisdom, positive or negative experiences from one of the above approaches? Please, share your wisdom and experience with me! I will gladly accept any insight you have to offer. Thanks very much!!
  9. I'm just chiming in to add that the "Open clipped note in a new window" setting doesn't make a difference for me, either. The note always pops up after clipping an email in Outlook. I find it incredibly annoying, but the added value from having the email in Evernote is enough that I keep using the clipper anyways.
  10. Another use case: emails attached to an email. I might want the main email (sent directly to me) in the body of my notes, but I keep the attached email as an attachment in the note. As Mark noted, it would be ideal to be able to search the contents of these attached emails.
  11. I love the idea of templates, but not the execution of them in Evernote. From my seat, templates are currently a hack and not a feature (although Evernote seems to be promoting them a lot recently, which I find interesting...). I would love for the "New Note" button to have a drop-down arrow next to it; if you just click on the button, it would open a blank new note but if you click on the arrow, you could choose from your pre-defined templates.
  12. I feel just the opposite. Using Office 365/Outlook for reference storage or task management felt very unnatural. In my mind, Outlook is the equivalent of an inbox/outbox trays that were common on office desks before technology was so wide spread; Evernote is the equivalent of a manilla folder in my filing cabinet. Plus, I find that Outlook's search functionality is the worst thing in the Office suite and effective searching is pretty critical for me.
  13. On the surface, this does sound trivial - but for those of us who receive 100+ emails a day and just need to quickly triage them/get them into Evernote and out of our inboxes, the third step of having to close the new note is a massive inconvenience for quick processing.
  14. Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I just want to add that I would love to see Evernote add this "attach email to note" checkbox in the clipper. In an ideal world, I could use the clipper to send an email to Evernote and maintain the text as the actual contents of the note, with the .msg file attached. Like Brianmllr pointed out, I want to use Evernote to maintain messages about my current projects and tasks but still have the option to easily pull up the message in an Outlook file to respond or forward.
  15. Hi, I'm a relatively new Evernote user and only became a member in January 2015. I'm already enjoying the benefits of Evernote to organize the various notes I take, and I'd really like to expand my usage to saving important emails (that I have previously saved in an Outlook .PST file). I have the Microsoft Outlook 2013 add-in and have no problem actually adding the emails to Evernote; however, Evernote appears to remove any carriage returns/line spacing when I would love to use Evernote to storage important emails that I would typically save in my Outlook .PST folder. I have the Microsoft Outlook 2013 Add-In, but every time I add an email to Evernote using it, it seems to remove carriage returns/line spacing from the email thread. It's a rather horrible formatting that makes reading through the email thread difficult because all of the text is jumbled together. For example, the email thread looks like this: Please submit your documentation by Friday, April 3. Thanks, John Doe Administrative Assistant My Company When I add the email to Evernote, it's formatted like this: Please submit your documentation by Friday, April 3. Thanks, John Doe Administrative Assistant My Company Is there any way to make Evernote stop removing extra spacing and/or carriage returns from the email when using the Outlook add-in? If not, I'm going to have to stick with saving my emails in an Outlook .PST file which would be really unfortunate. If it matters, I'm running Microsoft Outlook 2013 (15.0.4701.1000) on Windows 7 (64-bit OS) and using Evernote Thanks in advance for your help!
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