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evernote premium: document search popup a nuisance

Paul Excabaa


Dear Sir, can we pls disable this popup?  It is unnecessarily affecting productivity of Evernote Windows user.  Worst still, sometimes it give me the wrong impression that the client has hanged especially when this popup is hidden by other windows which happens sometimes.
One popup is enough, it doesn't help to popup every time when a Microsoft Office doc is dragged onto the Evernote Note.  I will upgrade to Premium when I am ready to upgrade to it.
Pls don't cripple a good product by this nagware popup.  

evernote premium popup.jpg

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Hi. As a subscriber you can raise this with Support who might be able to help. Evernote Marketing Department has a reputation all its own but they should draw the line at too frequent a pop-up. Have you tried logging out of Evernote and back in? Check for recent updates? Explored Import Folders for your file inclusions?

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