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  1. Hi Powerfab, do let us know how it goes. What i gather from this thread is that Nimbus is slow when there are a lot of notes. Saw Tomcal's comment on Nimbus above in this thread about Nimbus being slow after his notes are imported. Thanks in advance.
  2. Good news is the unable to sync icon has disappeared. However, this has started me on the quest for evernote replacement. I need a stable, reliable client and not something that does not work every now and then. Even the web client was not working well yesterday. Sigh. Evernote looks like a fast sinking ship.
  3. I tried pressing Ctrl when clicking the sync icon. There are no notes shown. ie no particular problematic note? Funny thing is that the v10 works though it is slow as a snail.
  4. I see the following image on Evernote Windows Legacy client Which means that Sync has issues. If legacy is crippled every now and then. Then there is really no choice but to start the migration out to Nimbus asap
  5. The 10.3 version is still too slow to use. I just encountered the unable to sync error in Legacy Evernote. I've encountered it twice in the last week. Not sure if anyone has encountered it also. Sigh. Not sure what the Evernote is trying to achieve ... Driving customers away to another platform ? This is really quite sad as I have used the software for more than a decade. I hope whoever is in charge manages it.
  6. Yes. I don't believe we are forced to accept something that is so slow without consultation. If it is not ready, pls do more serious work before forcing it down everyone's throat. Evernote management pls do something about it. I hope we don't have to protest outside of this forum before the message is heard and action is taken to care for the customer's experience. I will be seriously looking for an alternative if nothing is done about it.
  7. Dear Sir, can we pls disable this popup? It is unnecessarily affecting productivity of Evernote Windows user. Worst still, sometimes it give me the wrong impression that the client has hanged especially when this popup is hidden by other windows which happens sometimes. One popup is enough, it doesn't help to popup every time when a Microsoft Office doc is dragged onto the Evernote Note. I will upgrade to Premium when I am ready to upgrade to it. Pls don't cripple a good product by this nagware popup.
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