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Auto save both voice file and transcribed digital text in note



Why not make a smartwatch Evernote note taking app? User tap watch widget to activate function "record new note", user use human voice to speak to smartwatch's microphone. Smartwatch attach voice as voice memo file and auto transcribe voice into digital text thus both voice file and digital text saved as a single note. User tap save on watch. 


A more acceptable way is to simply use earbuds by itself to circumvent the smartwatch. Use Google assistant. Make a note. Speak to earbuds. Earbuds send voice to phone to attach as voice file n phone auto transcribed voice file into digital text. When user say save note. It saves.


Once home, user use computer to edit digital text in note that are not transcribed properly. A good note app would be one intelligent where user click on each transcribed word, the also saved voice file will auto jump to the timestamp of the clicked word and auto play the word.

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For the Apple Watch an EN app exists. It shows a list of the last updated notes, and allows to create a note, either by dictation (using the Siri support) or by grabbing audio. It can’t do both at the same time. I have it as one of my complications in one of the corners of my watch, to be reached at any time to quickly grab an idea.

Another app that does a similar job on the watch, but grabbing both audio and offering a transcribe into text at the same time is the app „JustPressRecord“.

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Would be great to have audio file mp3 import for transcription, since Evernote can already convert audio to text. I really hope this is somewhere in the 'things to do that our users will love' basket. It wouldn't need a bunch of doodads alongside, just play/pause and 'blarf' here's the text.

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2 hours ago, efx00 said:

since Evernote can already convert audio to text.

afaik  Transcription is not an Evernote feature - you will need a third party service

Evernote can store both the audio file and transcription

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