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Use Notes as Temporary Notebooks

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The issue with Evernote EN is that the notebooks cannot open in a window by itself which results in additional steps in sorting notes in certain circumstances. One way that I do is that create individual notes titled "1. XYZ" or "2. ABC" = Notebook names in the "Unsorted" notebook. 
In a sense, the notes are temporary by notebooks where the user can open selected multiple notes to right click and open at one go. 
Then you can quickly copy and paste the unorganised information into the respective temporary notes quickly to eliminate latency. 
You can quickly switch to the different temp notes by looking at the opened window titles in the Windows 10 taskbar. 
What is a better way than this having actually used a timer to measure the different methods?
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Hi.  I don't understand how it's possible to "open selected multiple notes to right click and open at one go" from a note,  but this seems a very complicated way to add data to Evernote. It's possible to email new notes to your account and include notebook and tag information with the email (provided the notebooks / tags have already been created). Import folders can also direct new notes dragged & dropped on your desktop.

How to save email into Evernote

How to create import folders in Evernote for Windows

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7 hours ago, jianfa.tsai said:

The issue with Evernote EN is that the notebooks cannot open in a window by itself which results in additional steps in sorting notes in certain circumstances. 

I use "all notes" view, and new notes are assigned to my default notebook  (@Inbox)
I find it easy to adjust the notebook assignment.  It's an additional processing step, but I'm also adjusting title, tags etc

I can use a filtered view for a specific notebook (multiple windows/tabs on a Mac)   
New notes are assigned to the specific notebook

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