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Problem Syncing

Josue Alexander


It’s the second time that Evernote is stuck in sync, 2 days this time! Last time someone told me, “sometimes it gets stuck give it a few hours and it should resolve by itself” so I did, and it took a whole day, for a few notes of maybe 10mb total.

Now again I’m stuck with the green arrows (uploading) and the sync wheel just spinning forever. (Pictures attached) 3 notes not even 5mb!! And all I see on my other devices are the empty notes, with just the title. 

Now its been 2 days for gods sake, wanna tell me to give it time?? Come on you people are just making excuses for a mediocre service.

how can I get my money back?



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Hi.  This is a (mainly) user-supported Forum so we can't run any checks on your account,  but the absence of anyone else reporting sync issues suggests that whatever is happening is local to you.  My sync is working fine and Evernote's status page says things are normal.  You could try emailing these notes to your account rather than wait for a sync,  or check through the general help page on sync issues.  If you do decide to request a refund,  you need to contact Support.

How to save email into Evernote

How to troubleshoot syncing issues

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On 2020/4/13 at PM5点23分, gazumped said:

你好 这是一个(主要)由用户支持的论坛,因此我们无法对您的帐户进行任何检查,但是如果没有其他人报告同步问题,则表明发生的一切对您来说都是本地的。我的同步工作正常,Evernote的状态页显示一切正常。您可以尝试通过电子邮件将这些注释发送到您的帐户,而不必等待同步,也可以查看有关同步问题的常规帮助页面。如果您决定要求退款,则需要联系支持部门。



I am in China and use evernote international version on windows. Now it has been over 5 days and cannot be synchronized. I can no longer log in to my account after logging out.

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When you live behind the Great Patriotic Firewall, you know for sure that this is not a syncing problem caused by EN. Technically there are probably ways to get through, however it may be against the local law to use them.

In general on this page everybody can look whether EN servers are running hot, or there may be a problem at the farm:


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