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  1. I just made another “Test” note, and it doesn't sync, the green arrow stays there forever, also changes I make on the ipad doesn't reflect on the phone, I lost the sync functionality all together wtf! I finally decided to try premium and it sucks, Im gonna have to unistall the app from android and reinstall, and hope for the best I guess, be very careful not to make changes on the phone, its gonna be like a “read only” device, thats not why I paid for premium. 😕
  2. It just happened that the android app got stuck syncing a couple of simple notes, with just 1 image and text, not heavy at all, what can I do??? Ive tried: closing reopenning the app turn airplane mode on off wifi and LTE manual syncing from settings still the notes have the green arrow and the syncing appears to be working but its stuck. What a shame, its a good phone fairly new, I sync it with my ipad, never had an issue on my ipad, now that I made notes on the phone this happens, a guess android is still very bad for productivity very unreliable, but I was hoping the evernote software could work there with no problems.
  3. I’m thinking that I’m going to take advantaje of the 40% promo. This error from Evernote actually makes the decision easy. I would never pay full price now that I know the uploading process is not reliable. But with the offer I’m going to be paying the equivalent of $1 dollar per month in me country. It’s so cheap. I’m willing to pay that for faulty software and the 10g of monthly space. And will not renew when the year is up.
  4. You just made the whole case for me, hehe thanks And thanks evernote for the faulty software.
  5. Here’s how it looks on the server. Again I didn’t touch anything until the uploading process stopped (green arrows disappeared) I guess is easier for evernote fans to blame iOS, but if the upload wasn’t done for whatever reason, Evernote shoud reflect that on the app, instead of showing the upload completed.
  6. Ok so Don’t criticize Evernote on this forums, got it. I’m sure they’ll reward you.
  7. I can understand all of that, but Evernote is at fault, for not showing the green arrows, indicating that the content was still uploading.
  8. The sad part is that I was going to take the 40% off deal to upgrade. Now I don’t think this is reliable. Every time I put files In notes I’m goin to have to check on the server (evernote.com) , to double check if the files were uploaded. that’s not convenient.
  9. I looked there, but it’s the same, he notes are there and I see squares in the notes, where the pictures are supposed to be.
  10. They’re not int the trash, the notes are actually where they are supposed to be, but they are empty, they don't have the pictures.
  11. Maybe the evernote staff can help retrieve them?
  12. I uninstalled the app from my ipad. But I did that long after the uploading green arrows disappeared.
  13. I checked on evernote.com and the same happens, the notes are empty
  14. I saved some 30 screen captures into evernote, across some 5 notes. And waited for the green arrow (uploading) to disappear. That was in the morning. in the afternoon, i looked at the notes, no green arrow. Then I deleted the app cause I needed the space (600mb) for someting. now when I reinstalled the app, I’m seeing the notes there but THEY ARE EMPTY!! No pictures in them!! please don’t tell me this means it didn’t upload them and I lost them!! any Help please??
  15. I was actually wondering just the oposite Is it possible to have two or more accounts under the same email address???
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