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  1. This is probably because the default font size is good enough for you. But it’s too small for many of us. All we ask is to simply be able to adjust the font size and that the note RESPECTS that choice in the whole note! Us having to adjust size if we go to a different line or a table is ridiculous. Evernote diehard fans seem so offended by this. But I don’t think it’s too much to ask, it’s rather basic. We should be offended that Evernote can not handle this.
  2. Why is it that people make excuses for Evernote all the time, they always say the same: “EN is not a word processor” Well we know that, but that is no excuse for simple basic formatting, IT IS still a notes app, so it is expected. “if you need more formatting options” No, you missed the point. On the contrary, I just want a simple note to stick to a simple font size no matter where on the note you type. I’m not talking about headers, subheaders and all that. The body of the note should stick to a font size unless you change it. That is simple enough. “pressing enter resets the style back to "Normal Text"” I understand where you are going, but this is not my case, I never use anything other than “normal text” and even on templates the first thing you type is the font you set up, but when you try to add text above that, it changes the font size!! It is absolutely ridiculous! Try it if you must, add the first line to a note with a specific size, then press enter to move it down and type above it, it will change your font. Thanks for the tips anyway but I don’t use head lines or headers.
  3. I just got an offer, 40% off premium membership, I guess because I had it before. So I said great let’s try it, certainly the problem with Fonts is already taken care of. Since years ago was a really ridiculous issue for a Notes app. But to my surprise, it is still not fixed! Amazing! I see all the new fancy whistles, Tasks and all that. But man, you still can not make Font sizes consistent?? This is a joke by now. First Theres no way of setting a default font size in new notes. Well, ok. Second, I try with a template, not ideal but ok let’s see, wow, not even in a template!! if you use a template with a previously applied font size, and you add new line of text or paragraph to the note they DO NOT keep the size!!! even when it is in the preset parameters. God, after all these years they can’t fix something so basic. It doesn’t work for me, not even with a 40% discount.
  4. In the new iOS version theres no longer the option to delete the cache, why is that? anybody has a different way to remove the app cache please?? and by the way, is there a reason to have this log in screen other than to annoy customers? (Picture) why not just have the normal sign in screen with the Username and Password fields?? I use a password manager, as do many people, it is really annoying to have to enter the username in order to get the password field revealed!! Its like logging in twice!
  5. It’s the second time that Evernote is stuck in sync, 2 days this time! Last time someone told me, “sometimes it gets stuck give it a few hours and it should resolve by itself” so I did, and it took a whole day, for a few notes of maybe 10mb total. Now again I’m stuck with the green arrows (uploading) and the sync wheel just spinning forever. (Pictures attached) 3 notes not even 5mb!! And all I see on my other devices are the empty notes, with just the title. Now its been 2 days for gods sake, wanna tell me to give it time?? Come on you people are just making excuses for a mediocre service. how can I get my money back?
  6. You are very kind! However I wasnt looking for confirmation, I know its not a text editor, the iOS notes app is not either, however you can simply copy paste to it, and the result of that simple action doesnt look like garbage on it.
  7. Man, its been years, and Evernote still is useless for the most insignificant text editing. Ive heard all those people that defend ti saying its not a text processer, and its true, but common! Its ridiculous the level of frustration with a simple copy and paste!! When you wan to add simple infomration to anote, and everything ends up looking so ugly, diferente sizes diferente spacing and no easy way to fix it!! Man, you have to spend A LOT of time for something that should be THE MOST SIMPLE THING!
  8. I just made another “Test” note, and it doesn't sync, the green arrow stays there forever, also changes I make on the ipad doesn't reflect on the phone, I lost the sync functionality all together wtf! I finally decided to try premium and it sucks, Im gonna have to unistall the app from android and reinstall, and hope for the best I guess, be very careful not to make changes on the phone, its gonna be like a “read only” device, thats not why I paid for premium. 😕
  9. It just happened that the android app got stuck syncing a couple of simple notes, with just 1 image and text, not heavy at all, what can I do??? Ive tried: closing reopenning the app turn airplane mode on off wifi and LTE manual syncing from settings still the notes have the green arrow and the syncing appears to be working but its stuck. What a shame, its a good phone fairly new, I sync it with my ipad, never had an issue on my ipad, now that I made notes on the phone this happens, a guess android is still very bad for productivity very unreliable, but I was hoping the evernote software could work there with no problems.
  10. I’m thinking that I’m going to take advantaje of the 40% promo. This error from Evernote actually makes the decision easy. I would never pay full price now that I know the uploading process is not reliable. But with the offer I’m going to be paying the equivalent of $1 dollar per month in me country. It’s so cheap. I’m willing to pay that for faulty software and the 10g of monthly space. And will not renew when the year is up.
  11. You just made the whole case for me, hehe thanks And thanks evernote for the faulty software.
  12. Here’s how it looks on the server. Again I didn’t touch anything until the uploading process stopped (green arrows disappeared) I guess is easier for evernote fans to blame iOS, but if the upload wasn’t done for whatever reason, Evernote shoud reflect that on the app, instead of showing the upload completed.
  13. Ok so Don’t criticize Evernote on this forums, got it. I’m sure they’ll reward you.
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