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work chat cutting off the right edge of messages sent to me

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The Android evernote client seems to be making great progress :) I was wondering what the future of Work Chat in the Android client is? It seems not to have had much attention recently based on the design. 

At the moment on both my Android phones it has a bug; messages which are sent to me are cut off so I can't read the last few characters in each line. Does anybody else use Work Chat on Android and are they also seeing this problem?

Also the current web beta doesn't yet support chat. I wonder if this is a sign that chat is going away, or just that the programmers have been busy with other things.

Have a great day!

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Hi.  As a user and not a staff member I tend to follow the various updates and videos that float through here,  and recently - although my vapour brain can't remember the where or the when - I saw a comment by Evernote's CEO that the way that sharing and/ or chat was set up initially may not have been the ideal way for today's software environment.  Evernote are getting to the end of a yeas-long project to redevelop all the various clients so presumably with be updating the mechanisms of chat and share along the way.  With some (or a lot) of ground-up work going on however they wouldn't have been able to look at improving those services until the basic user-facing interface is nailed down so I'm guessing that's last in the queue for attention.  Evernote though don't generally make comments on what may or may not be in development and when or if it will be released,  so it's just a waiting game...

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