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Evernote for app development?

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You definitely need a low-code platform. I think it's perfect for any of your goals. It will significantly speed up the process of writing code and it will look better. I remember when I first started writing my first codes it was very hard for me. The amount of code was very large and it still had to be manually checked for errors. Now everything is much simpler. I use the low-code platform at wavemaker.com and that was my best decision. The volume of my code has been reduced by half and now the platform checks the code for errors instead of me. Now it's a pleasure to write another code

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Well, I'm not sure about that. But I'm sure you won't be able to develop an application using a low-code platform. I mean, what could you actually do while building an app with a damn low-code platform? Nothing, that's the only correct answer. I actually think you could find something useful on Evernote for app development. If you didn't find anything helpful, I can recommend you a no-code desktop app builder that would do the job. After that, you can transfer it to Android or even Ios. I've done that once, and everything worked fine.

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Writing code is probably not the idea behind it.

But everything that is around the coding itself can be supported by using EN: Research and grabbing findings, developing ideas, saving code snippets for later reference and use, project management, documentation, you name it.

You can keep EN running side by side with the actual coding, and interact as you go.

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