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  1. I have accounts on all powerful social media platforms. However, my favorite one is Instagram. Facebook and Twitter started to die a few years ago because people stopped to post pictures and photos. Instagram is very lively and activity of most of the people I follow is high. That’s interesting to see every day new stories with food, places, outfits and landscapes. My father once told me a funny joke about Instagram which sounds like “when you don’t know what a person is doing, check his Instagram account”. I was laughing out loud because this is what I usually do to trace a person activity throughout the day. However, I found how to buy instagram likes because at the beggining I didn't have many people on my page, everyhing comes with time.
  2. I have used my visa credit card for all of the payments and it was good until I started trading. I didn't know that the bank blocks a credit card when you use it frequently and I couldn't keep on using it. I wanted to try paypal, but my friend had really bad experience with it and he recommended Skrill to me. He did all his trading with Skrill and he told me to register for it on this website https://baxity.com. I did that and it was actually a good decision to listen to my friend because Skrill is awesome and when you register with Baxity you get some additional perks. It is a great payment service for traders and I really like using it.
  3. There are often such cases where Adblocker blocks those sites, ads, and windows that it considers harmful to your PC or that contain spam. This is a pretty good function, it's like an antivirus for advertising and for all kinds of harmful information. I honestly like how such applications work. Personally, I use something like that. I had recently read about adblock for chrome and removed an adblocker from that list. No ads or unwanted sites appear now. I didn't even expect how beneficial it could be.
  4. My friend, as far as I know, some of the providers are blocking this service. Speaking from my personal experience when I was visiting Russia they blocked a lot of services that used to use on a day by day basis. So, maybe, this could be your providers issue, at least your Internet providers issue, as I don't know anything about phone technologies. So, if somebody else has this kind of issue, but struggling it on their PC or laptop's you can try to change your provider as some of them are blocking. If you will be looking for the best provider in your area you can use https://usave.co.uk as it will make this much much easier. You will need to introduce your postcode and the main criteria of your Internet preferences and they will match you the best options available. So go on and try
  5. You definitely need a low-code platform. I think it's perfect for any of your goals. It will significantly speed up the process of writing code and it will look better. I remember when I first started writing my first codes it was very hard for me. The amount of code was very large and it still had to be manually checked for errors. Now everything is much simpler. I use the low-code platform at wavemaker.com and that was my best decision. The volume of my code has been reduced by half and now the platform checks the code for errors instead of me. Now it's a pleasure to write another code
  6. I don't think that you will find something useful about trading on Evernote, this is not a trading platform. As far as I know, you can find a lot of other internet sources where you will be able to trade
  7. Hey! Did your idea to work out? I need something like an app you proposed. I have some problems with counting my loan payments. Last time I even needed to take a small loan at https://expertpaydayloans.com in order to not miss a payday at bigger credit. Don't want my credit history to be ruined. I'm not so good at calculation and so I think that this app would help me to get out of debt. If I'm getting it right and you were talking about an app, of course. Right now I have a debt from 2 loans. This is sad.
  8. Well, this is a well known issue when we are speaking about Universities, you better check twice before apply to a scholarship program. I was seeking for the best option for me in my country and this was the question number one. To cut it short, I was looking for all kinds of information that could be useful for me. Fortunately, I've found an article that had all the information I was looking for. By the way, here is the article listsofscholarships.com maybe it will be useful for you as well, hope that you will be able to find the best option for you and your future
  9. Well, that's a good reason for celebrating! Congratulations!
  10. The same problem here. Give us feedback please!
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