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unable to use template in evernote business acct

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hi!   I'm trying to create meeting notes in my business account and when I click on "Use Template" on this template, it always creates the note in my personal account even if I switch users in the web UI to my business user.

What is my workaround?  I tried two:

  1. I'm not given the option to move the note from my personal to business notebook (like I used to be able to do back in 2014)
  2. on my desktop client (Windows), when I export the note and try to import the ENEX file, it doesn't ask me what notebook I want to import the notes into (so the note goes back into my personal account again!)

wow this is frustrating.

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ok - i found a suitable workaround (and perhaps this is the intended use case?) 

This works on the desktop and on the web:  create a new note and click on "Template" in the actual note body and search for "meeting notes" - it inserts the contents of the template in the desired business notebook.

it would be nice to fix the "Use Template" button on the web to ask what notebook to create a new note based on the selected template.

(and it while this is not web-related, it would also be nice to choose a business notebook as an import destination)


Evernote - Meeting Notes - template.png

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26 minutes ago, chinarut said:

perhaps this is the intended use case?

I think it is.  There's quite a lot on templates in the help pages,  but on a quick look I couldn't find anything dealing exactly with your use case.  I've created some templates of my own but they're held in the template 'system' so when I create a note I click 'use templates' and switch to my saved original and go from there.  The new note stays where I created it.

Tools: Templates

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Back then, the business and the personal account were pretty open to each other. The business was more or less a piggyback for the personal one, or vice versa.

This has changed, probably because companies want control over their data. If an employee leaves, you want him to take his cactus, not his files. So they pretty much created a sphere for all business accounts linked to one company, and facilitated the data flow among them. Plus they installed an administrative role (probably the one to create shared templates as well). Around the business stuff, there is a chinese wall.

The personal accounts that come along live their own lifes.

As a work around, you could create an "@template" notebook containing "template" notes. By the prefix, it would sit on top of the notebooks, right behind "@Inbox". The notes would not be real templates, but instead of using them, you would always create a copy before starting to pump it up with content.

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